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Class News 2021-22

Take a look at our fantastic learning from last year!

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  • Super Learning Behaviours at Stepney Park

    Published 13/07/22

    There is so much to celebrate with our learning this term! Well done children for all your hard work.

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  • Respect at school

    Published 29/06/22

    We all show respect in so many ways!

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  • Resilience in our learning

    Published 15/06/22

    We have been learning hard and being resilient trying new things

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  • Curiosity is thriving across the school

    Published 25/05/22

    We are all developing our learning behaviour of curiosity

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  • We all Collaborate!

    Published 12/05/22
    Take a look at the fantastic collaboration going on in the Stepney Park team this term.
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  • Empathy - Just like Emad the Elephant!

    Published 27/04/22

    We show Empathy to others and our environment

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  • Responsible and Engaged Learners

    Published 30/03/22
    We know how important it is to be responsible.  We are responsible for our own learning and for the environment around us.
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  • Ambition is Everywhere at Stepney Park!!

    Published 17/03/22

    All the children are proud to share how Ambitious they are being this term.

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  • At Stepney Park we Try New Things

    Published 10/03/22
    We have so many learning experiences that allow us to challenge ourselves to try new things, take a risk and develop our knowledge and skills!
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  • Independence at Stepney Park

    Published 10/02/22
    Find out about how the children at Stepney Park develop their independence across all areas of their learning
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  • We are Respectful!

    Published 27/01/22
    Across the school we have been thinking about our value of 'respect'.  By developing our understanding of the world around us, we learn how to be respectful of it.
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  • See how we show Resilience

    Published 13/01/22

    One of our values is Resilience and we are proud to share all the areas we are resilient in.

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