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Respectful Pupils at Stepney Park!

Across the school we have been working creatively and collaboratively.  We all know how important Respect is.  Take a look at some of the examples of how we show Respect at Stepney Park.

Year 3

This week, 3 Oak have been really enjoying being back at school and catching up with each other again. We’ve been doing loads of fantastic activities like Music, Science, PE, Art and lots of PSHE.  We’ve discussed lots of different things in PSHE, but today we discussed ‘respect’ and what that means/looks like to everyone. We have shown respect to each other over the past week, listening to each other and being supportive of each other when we give each other feedback.  This has really helped to create a happy and positive return to school. Today we made posters to discuss the idea of  ‘respect’ and what it means to everyone.

 'It doesn't matter what your race or religion is, or where you are from - everyone should respect everyone. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, everyone should respect everyone. We have the right to be respected'.



'It doesn't matter which race, religion or country we are from. We are all human and nothing should stop us from being kind'.





Being respectful means 'being kind towards everyone, no matter who they are or how different they are to you'.

 'When people are talking, we don't interrupt them'. 'When someone is hurt, help them. Be kind. Be helpful'.

Year 6

In our first week back in school, we wanted to make sure our class charter and our rights were fresh in our minds so we recapped the discussions we started at the beginning of the year. The main area we discussed was ‘respect’. We thought about how we can show others respect and what this would look like around Stepney Park Primary School. We also discussed the effects of being part of a school where everyone is respected and how this helps us in our learning.  We discussed what respect looks like across different lessons from art to reading. 

Respectful partner work


Respectful and calm reading time

Year 2

In Oak class we have been concentrating on Article 12: 

We have the right to be listened to.

We are always respectful to our learning partners and part of that is being a good listener. This means turning our whole bodies to face each other when we are talking, making eye contact and taking turns to speak. 


We also respect our classroom by taking care of its resources and sharing them with our classmates sensibly.

Look at how brilliantly Alisha and Zain are sharing the watercolor paints during Art. We were focusing on using different marks to add texture to our painting of trees. We are proud of our classroom and always make sure it is tidy, even after a messy lesson like painting. 

We have been thinking about how to show respect to other children and adults as well as ourselves and our school. Here are some ideas from 2 Oak.

     Elizah and Zain made posters
Salahuddin has done a picture of us respecting the school by keeping the playground neat and tidy. 

How Year 4 Oak have been showing respect!

This week, it was our first week back to school. We all enjoyed learning together and seeing our friends. We discussed how we can help each other to learn, stay safe and value each other’s ideas and opinions. 


We enjoyed a live art lesson, with Helen from the art studio. We had to draw our shoe from memory, observation and then using our imagination. After, we shared some examples in an assembly with Helen and the other Year 4 classes. We all showed respect by listening carefully and celebrating some examples of art.



PE is one of the subjects we missed the most in lockdown. Here we are working as a team! In team sports, we know it is really important to show respect to both our team mates and the opposition! We discussed how to support each other and congratulate the winning team.




We had a spider day! As part of our resettling after a long period of home learning, our spider day helped to teach us about resilience and respect for ourselves and others! We learnt all about Incy Wincy spider and talked about how she doesn’t give up, despite keep getting knocked down and washed back down the drain! She kept getting back up and trying again and again! We talked and thought about the things that we have found difficult, and how we have kept on trying. We also thought about respect and how our friends and teachers help us when we find things tricky.

We showed each other respect and helped each other to make our own Incy Wincy spiders using different materials and resources. Eshaan’s spider had 13 eyes!

We had lots of fun reading great stories about Spiders, like ‘Arghhh Spider!’ And singing rhymes like ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ and ‘Little Miss Muffet.’


 Even though we know real spiders can be a little bit scary, we know we have to respect them and handle them carefully.

1  Oak - Respect and what it means to us

We have been exploring and talking about what respect is during out PSHE sessions in class. The children came up with a list of things that they think respect is. Some of the ways we show respect is by being kind, helping others, looking after animals, not talking when others are talking, waiting your turn, being friendly and looking after the world and planet.

  The children then drew a poster for what they think respect looks like to them.




During the week the children demonstrated respect by cleaning up after painting in the class, waiting to use the blue paint and some girls even built a home for the snail they found in the playground.  


Year 5

This week 5 Oak have been discussing ‘respect’. We talked about how respect fits into our Stepney Park Primary School Rights and why it has been included. The children explored situations, in school and outside of school, where respect should be demonstrated and in particular how many sports are leading the way in promoting respect.  


We collaborated carefully on our posters - discussing our ideas and taking turns.  We showed respect!