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Curiosity and Imagination at Stepney Park

Across Stepney Park we loving learning.  We know that finding out new things is about nurturing our curiosity and imagination.  Take a look at some examples from our Willow classes.  

Year 1

Whether we are in class or outside, children in year 1 love asking questions and finding out about the world around them!

In 1 Willow we have been exploring seasons over the course of the year.  So far we have observed and discussed Autumn, Winter and now Spring.

We used our imagination to create a display in our classroom which supports us to remember what we have seen during the previous seasons. This is a working wall we are adding to constantly to show the changes and support our understanding.

For Spring, we went for a walk in our woodlands area where our curiosity came alive. We discovered the leaves are now growing back on the trees and anticipated finding new life in the pond. Also we were intrigued by the beauty of the blossoms. We then came back to the class and used our imagination and mark making skills to create a picture depicting how Spring makes us feel.


Year 6

We show curiosity in all our learning in Year 6.  We want to find out new things and think about experiences that have happened recently and in the past.

During our comprehension and history lessons, we are learning about how rich and poor children had very different experiences at school. We are also comparing their experiences with our own.

Before we read different extracts from non-fiction books, we wrote down some questions that we wanted to find the answers to. 


Year 3

There has been plenty for 3 Willow to be curious about as we explore in our learning.

For St Patrick’s Day on the 17th March, Year 3 had a fun afternoon learning about St Patrick and Irish culture. We were curious to find out more about leprechauns, little bearded men, wearing a coat and hat, who partake in mischief in Irish folklore. We decided to work in groups to make a trap for the leprechauns.

  We used our art and design skills to make our traps and leprechaun hats.

We had to be imaginative and come up with interesting ways to entice the leprechauns into our traps. Some of us used “free gold” here signs and of course we used plenty of green. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to catch any leprechauns but you can imagine how surprised we were to find some chocolate eggs in our traps a few days later. 

Year 5

5 Willow always use their curiosity and imagination in their lessons. 

We were curious to understand what a tornado is and how they are formed.  In Geography, we worked in groups together to find out about tornadoes and organise information.

Individually, children also used their imagination to design a piece of artwork about the different aspects of Celtic beliefs in History. 

Here is Umair's artwork. 

Can you think about what his images might represent about Celtic beliefs?  What might the dog represent?  Who is coming out of the egg?

We have been reading The Highway Man in English.  We are keen to find out more about what a highway man is, so we used our curiosity to come up with questions and find the answers.

  Here is Zainab's research.

Can you find the name of a famous highway man?


Do you think being a highway man was a good job? - Why do you think that?






Children in nursery are so creative and imaginative!

Over the Easter holiday, the children in nursery have been getting their bonnets ready for our Easter Parade. Here are some of their fabulous Easter hats! 




We are curious about the natural world.  We love playing outside and watching the plants grow in our flower beds.  We also investigate plants at home.   Mariyah has been keeping us updated on the plants she’s been growing at home. She decided on a sunflower, carrots & cucumber. Mariyah’s mum reports that unfortunately the cucumber plant didn’t make it, but the other two are growing very well. 


Year 4

Creativity continues all the way through the school.  Year 4 have been especially creative in their art lessons.

Year 4 Willow made sculptures using clay. They used their imaginations to create different forms. 


Ayaan                                                                                      Ehsan


                                                          Hiba                                                               Zainab

They enjoyed adding detail to their creations using clay tools. Enjoy looking at some examples of their work.

Year 2

In 2 Willow we were curious about where different countries were located around the world. In Geography, we looked through atlases to find the countries with our learning partners, working together and showing excellent collaboration skills.



We used our imaginations to picture what it felt like to live in these countries. Some of us had visited some of the countries before and we discussed what the countries were like. We listened excellently to each other and asked thoughtful questions.