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At Stepney Park we have Growth Mindsets

Take a look at how we have been demonstrating Growth Mindsets across the school!

Whether we are working independently or with our learning partners, we know that learning is about trying things out, exploring and experimenting.  We love to get things right, but we know that if we get things wrong we are at the start of our learning journey.  We make mistakes, try again, fail, get stuck and then keep going!  Having a Growth Mindset is what makes us resilient learners. 

In year 3 PE, we have been learning to develop our cricket skills.

The first skill we had to master was ‘bowling’ the cricket ball. We found this challenging as we had to use an underarm throw using a heavy ball. After many attempts and practices where the ball kept simply rolling along the floor, we managed to overcome this challenge. With perseverance, we eventually developed the skill of throwing a ‘low’ ball without it rolling on the ground. Overcoming this obstacle made it easier for the batsman to hit the ball and also made the wicket an easier target to hit.


Batting was another skill we began to learn. We had to make sure we were holding the bat in the correct position with both hands and not swinging it back over our shoulders. Our solutions to this were practise, practise, practise until we developed an automatic and natural stance and grip when batting.

Year 3 are now Cricket masters!

Fitness keeps on going across Stepney Park.  Take a look at how Year 5 show their Growth Mindset in PE.

This half-term year 5 have been working on their fitness with 2 P.E lessons a week.  We have been focusing on athletics. In these sessions we have been learning how to sprint and run a relay race.  We have also been building our stamina with long distance running and practising throwing skills in the field events.  We had a sluggish start at the beginning, trying to wake our muscles up but with plenty of practise and perseverance we are now getting better and fitter!  We are learning to use new equipment like a shot-put and discus.  One area that many of the students have been very successful in is throwing and catching a ball.

“I was initially scared of the ball hitting my face. However, after lots of practise using the correct technique to catch a ball, I have become more confident in catching it,” explained Jabir.               

Nursery use trial and error to learn

In nursery, the children have been showing a growth mindset through their construction play. Working together, they built a house in the outdoor area. Through trial and error, they found out how to orientate their blocks and planks. They decorated their house with colourful lego pieces. Once they were finished, they sat inside and had a picnic!  The following day, they asked to build a house again and this time they changed strategies to incorporate what they had learnt. 

Problem-solving continues into Year 6

In our maths learning in year 6, we have been applying a ‘growth mindset’ to problem-solving tasks. We have been finding solutions to problems where there is more than one possible solution and therefore have to try out different approaches and combinations. Here are what some children in 6 Pine think when it comes to having a ‘growth mindset’:

“Sometimes you feel like giving up, but then you learn from what hasn’t worked to help you try out better ideas” - Jaber, 6 Pine 

“Having a growth mindset means to carry on and never give up no matter how hard obstacles get.” - Zayan, 6 Pine

“It means to be proud of what you have done so far,  learn from your mistakes and carry on.” - Ikram, 6 Pine 








Year 2 demonstrate their Growth Mindsets during art

Walid showed that he has a growth mindset when he evaluated his self-portrait in Art. He wrote about his likes and dislikes and how he could improve his art skills in painting.


Maprua  showed that she has a growth mindset when she evaluated her self-portrait in Art. She wrote about her likes and dislikes and how she could improve her art skills in painting.

Ayana showed that she has a growth mindset when she evaluated her self-portrait in Art. She wrote about her likes and dislikes and how she could improve her art skills in painting.


Rafid showed that he has a growth mindset when he evaluated his self-portrait in Art. 

Year 4 Pine - Growth Mindset 

We have been looking at Growth Mindset in Year 4 Pine discussion time. We discussed if we are born smart or if it is something that can be built over time. We decided that learning is a lifelong skill and that everyone is always learning! We can definitely make ourselves smarter.

Marwa- 4 Pine

In our artwork we have been using a growth mindset. We recently started learning about drawing in perspective. The first time we practised this it was really difficult and lots of us became frustrated. The week after we tried again with a similar picture, we all found it a lot easier! We used listening skills, maths skills and art techniques. I think it’s safe to say that perseverance is key when it comes to learning. Never give up!

Reception persevere!

In the Woodlands we have been working hard on improving our physical skills. Despite finding certain challenges a little scary, like climbing up the hill and running back down, we have been persevering and not giving up! With a little help from our friends too along the way we have been learning how to have a go and be brave to accomplish our goals!


In Reception, we have been working really hard on our reading and are doing so well! We are proud of ourselves and keep on trying!

Year 1 show their Growth Mindsets in all they do

We have been working very hard in Pine class on our growth mindset.  This means that even when we find things difficult we keep trying and don’t give up and this helps us grow. We have been doing this in the classroom and out in the playground. Last week we learned poems with actions and even when we forget the words the actions reminded us what comes next.

In DT we have been building towers. We know that the triangle is a really strong shape, so we made our towers using that shape. Even when they fell over we didn’t give up, we tried even harder and had lots of fun…