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Independent Learners at Stepney Park

We are proud to show independence in all areas of our learning.

Year 4

In Year 4 this Term we have been focusing on our independence both at home and in school. One of the main ways we show independence at home is by using our chromebooks to complete homework on websites such as Sumdog, Times Table Rockstars, Bug Club and Accelerated Reader. We also have a go at these websites in class and this has really helped us to blend our home and school learning!   


Discussing independence in class, we decided that it meant: 

  • working things out for ourselves

  • taking responsibility for our learning 

  • growing up 

  • taking initiative. For example, in class we go back, edit and review all our work before asking for adult support. Also, at home we complete homework without an adult telling us to do it. 


Nursery have been crazy about mark making! We have been learning how the sounds we can hear in different words and trying to write some of them too.


We have also been trying our hand at storytelling. This week’s story was Little Red Riding Hood, we used puppets to tell the story and created our own storytelling books.  

We are going to become great writers in Reception!

Year 5

In Year 5, we have been looking at different ways of building our independence. In our RE lesson this week, we researched different places of worship in Tower Hamlets.



We then created informative slides and presented our findings to the class. We are now much more confident with speaking in front of others and carrying out research independently using our chromebooks. 

Year 1

In 1 Maple we have done lots of work to show our independence. From taking responsibility for tasks around the class as well as our learning but also showing our resilience. We tried fruits and vegetables which were different for us. We didn’t enjoy them all but tried them anyway to make a calculated opinion. 


We also carried out a science experiment. We discussed as a class what we have to do and then independently carried out the task with all the equipment provided. We shared our responsibilities equally in the group. We took turns and had one person taking responsibility for the writing. It was great fun!


Unfortunately we have recently had to go back into isolation but we have been fantastic to adapt to online learning very quickly once again. We have done amazing remembering how to upload our pictures onto our journals for our teachers to see our hard work from home!

Year 3

This term in Year 3, we have been focusing on increasing our independence. We have got used to trying things out for ourselves and using our own knowledge and skills rather than relying on other people to help us as much. This has meant that we have been creating new, inclusive games in the playground, trying our hardest in class and…

During Art, we created our own islands based on what we knew about The Owl and the Pussycat after we performed this poem.  We used our creativity to think about what we could add to the island and let our imaginations do the rest.  Our observational skills have improved greatly from practising independently. 



In Geography, we have been researching independently before presenting our findings as a group. We have been looking at different places around the world.

Year 2

In 2 Maple we have been thinking of all the ways we have learned to be independent in year 2 and practising them ready for year 3. We know that being independent helps us with our learning so the children find appropriate resources and equipment when we need it.

 3.PNG   5.PNG

They also are learning to make choices independently based on their current learning. The children in 2 Maple are aware of where they need to improve and make decisions based on that. 

4.PNG   1.PNG  2.PNG

In 2 Maple it is everybody's responsibility to take care of our classroom and to keep it a good working environment. The children are responsible for their own books and equipment and will help out others when needed.