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Ambition Across the School!

Take a look at all our Ambitious learners.  In all areas of the curriculum we try our best, challenge ourselves when things are hard and try again if things don't work out on the first try.

Year 4

In English Year 4 have been reading poems from Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot. They have used some really ambitious adjectives and nouns when writing Haikus about the cats.  Well done year 4 Willow!



Year 1

In Year one we have discussed how we learn and how this has looked different. This has been interesting as we have learnt in different ways over the past year.  We have learnt at school and at home and now it has changed again as we have moved into year one.  We know as learners at Stepney Park that we are ambitious. This means we have a strong desire to achieve success in our learning. 

Where are the 'Wild Things'?! Here we are looking for monsters in the woodlands 


We are ambitious in all we do - and we support each other.  Across our learning we try our best, experiment and explore.  

Year 6

In 6 Willow we discussed what ambitions and goals are and why they are important and helpful. 

First, the children wrote down what their ambition is. Then they wrote down a plan to help them achieve their ambition.  They made a list of people who could help them.  Finally, they discussed what it would feel like to achieve their ambition.  Ramin is being very ambitious as he plans to be able to run 15km!


We are learning to try new things and to be confident in new situations. We want to aim high when we have new experiences and as we learn to read and write.


Here are some photos of us enjoying a visit to the farm, caring for our new chickens and reading and writing. 


Year 2

In Year 2 we have been practising and performing the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’.   We have been ambitious as we try and learn new words and remember new lines.     


Here we can see Shafi and Ayaan learning their lines!   In this picture Maisha and Samiul are also practising for their performance.

This week in history 2 willow learned about transport and the ambitious people who invented new ways to get around. This picture shows Safa and Usayd ordering their timeline.

Year 5

In Year 5, we have all settled in well into our new classes and have started to think about the different ways we can succeed in school - we are all being ambitious!  We have been practising the times tables and trying to get quicker at accurately answering multiplication questions in our Maths lessons and on Sumdog and Times Table Rockstars. 

In English, we have planned a story based on the book The Promise and we were determined to make sure our writing included lots of interesting features, like adjectives, paragraphs and prepositions. 


In Geography, we have been set on improving our map reading skills.  First, we looked at map characteristics, such as longitude and latitude, followed by a map of North America - the USA is currently our topic of focus in Geography lessons.

Year 3

In 3 Willow we have been looking at the learning behaviour: Ambition. We first had to find out what it means. We found that it’s not always big goals we are setting ourselves but sometimes we need smaller targets to achieve something greater. 


In History, we had attempted to create our own pyramids.  Once we had done the one that was modelled to us we set ourselves the target of creating a larger one.  It wasn’t easy as it kept tumbling over but we kept on trying. We were resilient. 


We were very lucky to have Falconry UK come in and share some birds with us. We learnt lots about owls, vultures and falcons. Some of us were super brave and held the birds. It was an amazing experience.