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At Stepney Park we are all responsible - just like Ruby the Robin

Be amazed at how we show Responsibility!

Year 2

In 2 Maple, we have been learning about and exploring different materials. We have been identifying and classifying different materials and their properties. We were responsible for our own learning and decided we wanted to know which material was most common at our school. So we went on a materials hunt around the school to find which material was most common in Stepney Park.

We were responsible learners like Ruby Robin by trying our best and being independent. We walked sensibly around the school making sure to be respectful of other children doing their learning and we worked together to find all the different materials. 


Year 6

In 6 Maple, to help us really understand what responsibility is, we have thought of lots of synonyms - being sensible, having awareness, being mature and reliable.

We have been trying to use and apply these traits in our learning and in our actions around school.  

In our learning recently, we have looked at the structure of the earth and its tectonic plates. We have enjoyed discovering what types of boundaries cause earthquakes and volcanoes.  


Here are some children from 6 Maple demonstrating how the plate boundaries move to help deepen their understanding.

Some children preferred drawing a diagram. 

Other children linked the name of the boundary to how the plate moved to help them remember.   We know in year 6 that being responsible for your own learning can mean finding new and different ways to help ourselves learn.


The children in reception Maple have been learning all this week about being responsible in different ways.We had a trip to the farm and when we were there we acted with a lot of care.

We made sure we were calm when walking around because we know that animals do not like loud noises.


We made sure that when we were looking at the animals we were careful to follow the signs. Making sure to not touch the animals if it asked us not to.  When we did touch the animals we made sure we were calm and gentle.

When we were feeding the animals we made sure we used the food that the farmer had given us. We were very calm and careful when feeding the animals.

We really enjoyed our trip to the farm and cannot wait to go back !

Year 3

In Maple we have been learning about the Stepney Park learning behaviours, specifically ‘responsibility’. By having a discussion as a class, we learnt that being responsible can mean different things. It can be doing a task that you are expected to do, or making sure that you are following the rules.  We also have a responsibility to look after school property, and each other.  During Empathy Day, we had to make sure we were responsible when having discussions about friendship and empathy.  This meant that we had to be respectful, listen to other people’s ideas, and make sure to complete our tasks. 

In Science, we had the exciting opportunity to grow cress. We were learning about what plants need to grow and survive. In groups, we were responsible for planting, watering and looking after our cress. We were surprised with how quickly they grew and loved watching their progress over the next few weeks. 

Ismaeel, Sara and Rameesha have planted their cress and are now adding water for it to grow.


Amira and Umar are planting their cress seeds. Amira is pressing them into the soil and Umar has the water ready to pour into the cup.

Year 1

In year 1 Maple we are being very responsible. We have been developing our independence.

We are able to stick in our own work especially in Maths and English Lessons. We line up very sensibly at the end of lessons and we are very responsible when walking around the school. 


We have been working together in geography lessons to locate local landmarks on a map. We have been very responsible when working together helping each other when we are stuck and sharing resources. We have carpet spaces and learning partners.

If our learning partner is not in, we are taking responsibility and asking to join another group! 


In Nadia’s nursery class, we have now settled into our new school. We’re beginning to make friends, trying new things and learn how to be responsible for our new environment! 

We play responsibly with our friends.

Adults help us to become more independent and responsible. 

Year 5

Radhwa- 5 Maple

I have a responsibility as a Rights Respecting School Councillor and my job is to keep the school safe and make it a better place. I help to change the school and make decisions. If there is anything wrong with the school and to change the school you go to the school council and tell them what you can do to change it. The school can add new things if you tell some good ideas to them. Eventually they will report it and soon the school will change.  The school council will make special days to enjoy school and to think about our rights.The activities that you will be doing on the special days will be active. I want to help the school to become a better place.

Zidane- 5 Maple

As a playground ambassador we hold a lot of responsibility, we have several roles that each ambassador will do that will improve the playground. For each year group, there will be 2 playground ambassadors. Some of our roles include making sure the playgrounds are safe and suggesting new ideas to develop and improve the environment of the playground. Meetings are held every 2 weeks and each meeting will be 30 minutes long. Year 5 will collect years 3 and 1 and year 6 will collect years 2 and 4.  Their main role is to be helpful and pass on messages and suggestions from other students and return them to the playground ambassador's teacher.

Year 4

4 Maple have been working really hard to be responsible and take ownership over their actions this week, individually and collectively. In art, they have shown great initiative to share and assign group work amongst themselves whilst also taking responsibility over their individual projects.


When making the group portraits, each group made sure to give each person a fair and equal role engaging with the pipe cleaners to assemble facial features and contribute to the group portrait. During the children’s individual work creating self-portraits, 4 Maple took accountability over their artwork by ensuring they used the correct pencils and learnt how to accept any mistakes they had made on paper.


In this way, they were able to adapt and improve their self portraits. Well done to each and every child! You should be really proud of the responsible choices you have made designing your individual and group projects!