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Learners at Stepney Park show Empathy!

Take a look at how pupils in our Oak Tree are showing Empathy this term

Year 4

In 4 Oak we have been showing empathy towards Coco, Edith’s dog! We were very lucky to have Coco come to visit our class this week and we had to make sure to help her feel welcome, calm and relaxed to our classroom by being calm and quiet around her.  We also approached her slowly and avoided crowding around her so we didn’t scare her.

Once she had sniffed us and gained our trust, some of us then tried stroking her gently - for many of us it was our first time stroking a dog! Not only have we shown empathy towards Coco but we’ve tried something new this week too!.

‘I’ve never touched a dog before and I felt calm because she doesn’t bite and she doesn’t scratch.’ - Simrah

Year 1

In 1 Oak we are learning to be compassionate towards each other.  During term 1 we had a whole day to learn about empathy and we had a go at some exciting activities to help us about empathy.  We learned that empathy is when we understand or feel what another person is experiencing. 


In our class we listen, help and do things for each other.  Sometimes it is the little things like helping someone put on their coat or play with them when they feel sad.  It was important for us to learn about empathy as it helps to follow our school rules and rights.  We will continue to implement empathy throughout our learning both in the classroom and outside in the playground.


Year 6

In Year 6 Oak we have been reading ‘A Way Home’ by Libby Hathorn and Gregory Rogers. This story tells the tale of a homeless boy in New York City.  We related this to our need to show empathy for others. We researched homeless charities in Tower Hamlets, looked at case studies and found out the work they do to help in the community.


We will be using this information to write a discussion text around whether more funding should be given to homelessness charities in Tower Hamlets.  

Year 2

2 Oak children discussed how the characters were showing empathy in a story in guided reading

We noticed that the characters were showing empathy when they said 'Poor turtle!' in the story during guided reading. 


IN PHSEE, Hassan showed empathy by writing about how saying positive things to our friends can make them feel good.  Yusra in 2 Oak showed empathy by writing about how children might not want to join in with class discussions if they are laughed at for making mistakes.  We  are becoming more empathetic towards people.


In Nursery we have been working together to build towers using boxes.  Afterwards we discussed what emotions we felt during different parts of the building process.  From pride and happiness upon completion of the tower to sadness, anger and frustration if the tower was knocked over.

We have been encouraging children to help each other when their friends are sad by encouraging them to join them in an activity.

"Come and draw a house with me!” 

Year 5

In 5 Oak we were super excited to have two winners for the Emad the Elephant story competition! Thana and Amal entered the competition with their best stories and were successful.

Thana included lots of different characters in her story.

Amal worked with her brother and sister to create a bright and colourful picture book. We cannot wait to read their work in the future!

Year 3

In Year 3 we have been exploring how Empathy can be learned through religion.  We have talked about words which are important to us in different religions, and how thinking about our religion and other people's religions help us show empathy.  


During maths, our understanding of empathy is helping us to be even more supportive learning partners.  When we show empathy we can help each other and discuss our mistakes.


This week we have been showing our friends and each other that we are kind and that we care, just like Emad the Elephant. 

We have been sharing stories in the book corner with our friends. We have even been reading stories to our fluffy friends in Reception as we know how much they love listening to stories just like us!

In the Woodlands we have shown how kind and caring we are as we find different creatures like worms and snails and handle them gently and carefully. We make sure they are put back in their home and nice and safe before we say goodbye.

We have been helping each other learn new skills and try new things, like jumping and climbing on the equipment outside.

We have been happy to be back at school after the half term holiday and to see our friends and teachers.