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We are Respectful!

Across the school we have been thinking about our value of 'respect'.  By developing our understanding of the world around us, we learn how to be respectful of it.
Year 4

In year 4 we recently went on a geography field work visit to our local river - The River Thames.

This is linked to our English text; This Morning I Met a Whale, by Michael Morpurgo:

This Morning I Met a Whale by Michael Morpurgo

We were investigating types of pollution found along the river and the effects of pollution on the landscape. Back in class, we discussed ways in which we felt pollution along the river could be reduced so that the environment was being respected - an important responsibility we all have to take care of our planet.


Year 1

In 1 Willow we are very respectful. This means that we move through the corridors quietly, giving each other space and looking where we are going.  We are able to agree with our friends when appropriate but also challenge them with due regard to their feelings when we disagree with what they have said.  We also take care of each other and the things in our classroom.

We can respectfully disagree with what others have said and are able to agree with our friends respectfully. 





1 Willow can move through the corridors quietly, giving each other space and looking where we are going.  We work respectfully so that everyone can learn.


Respecting our wild birds

This week we have been learning how to respect local wild life. We took part in the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Big Garden Bird Watch.


We looked at pictures of different garden birds and listened to their songs. We took a tick list to our Woodlands and spotted lots of different birds which was very exciting. We saw crows, sparrows, pigeons, magpies and a blue tit. 


Next week, we will be making bird feeders because birds need help to find food in the Winter. Birds can make our world more colourful and happy, so we have to respect them and the places where they live in our city.

These were the top ten birds in the UK last year.  Can you spot any when you are out and about?


Year 3

In year 3, we have been learning about different religions and prayer in RE. We have learnt the importance of respect to God in preparation for prayer.  As a sign of respect to Allah, the Quran must not be put on the floor, it must be placed on a stand and kept high. The Quran is also wrapped in a silk cloth and people must wash their hands before handling it.

As people respect their religions, we must also respect each other. We have explored how we can be respectful in Stepney Park Primary school and have been showing each other respect by sharing equipment, listening to each other's ideas and being helpful.

Being respectful is a responsibility we all share and will continue to adopt in year 3.

Year 2

2 Oak have been learning about three amazing women in History who helped wounded soldiers during times of war.

First, we learned about Florence Nightingale, who nursed sick soldiers during the Crimean War. We respect her determination to keep hospitals clean and safe.

Then we learned about Mary Seacole/ We respect her resilience, when she helped sick soldiers during the Crimean War, even though others would not let her help because she was black. 

Next, we learned about Edith Cavell. We respect her, because she was brave. She was shot after she helped imprisoned soldiers to escape during the First World War. She had kindly nursed soldiers from every country.

Year 5

In Year 5, we have started our new art topic. We have been designing and making clay pots based on different biomes. 

What is a Biome A biome is a


It has been really important to think about how we show respect in different ways in the art studio. During our making process, we not only show respect to each other but towards the resources we have.

We are very lucky to have great art materials, and it is important that we respect and look after them.


This weeks focus story has been ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’.

The children in Nursery have been discussing whether they would like to invite the Tiger in for tea. 


"The Tiger is hungry” said Raisha

"He will be sad, we need to open the door” said Eva

"We can share our food” said Rafsan

The children talked about how they would respect the right for all living things to eat and drink and think of foods to share with the tiger if he came back to visit.

Year 6

In Year 6 we have recently returned from a trip to Mersea, where we were responsible for looking after ourselves and showing respect for one another as well as the instructors.


To show our appreciation and respect to the instructors, we decided to write thank you letters to them during our extended write this week. One child even wrote:

“Overall, I loved Mersea and it helped me get over the fears I had. I could not do this without your support so thank you for the amazing time!”