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Independence at Stepney Park

Find out about how the children at Stepney Park develop their independence across all areas of their learning
Year 2

We have been practising our independence as writers. We have been rereading our writing independently using our green pen to add information or correct our mistakes. Fiona’s Red Pen Poster has helped us make a start on remembering what we need to check. 


We have been rereading and checking we have a capital letter and a full stop for each of our sentences.



We have been focusing on adding more interesting vocabulary to make our writing really fantastic! 

Year 5

In Year 5, we have been learning how to cook in our DT lessons. We have been practising how to be safe in a cooking room. We developed our independence by measuring out all the ingredients, kneading the dough and preparing the ovens for our baking.

We want to use our skills to be independent, learning to cook at home - or helping with cooking at home.


We created pizzas that look great and taste even better!


Year 3

In 3 Pine we have been working really hard on being independent learners. This includes being independent in our learning as well as in the playground. The teachers are always around to help us however we have been trying really hard to have a go at things by ourselves.

In science we were exploring how magnets work. We learnt that magnets don't stick to all metals so we went around the class and found out what they stuck to around the class.  We also had to create a fair test in science.



We were trying to find out which shoes in our group had the best grip. We had to work together as a team and decide who was doing what role independently.

When it was our Responsibility day we were independently creating our own fruit kebabs and talking about what a healthy snack looks like.


We then independently took photos of our snacks once it was made. We are pretty good photographers!

Year 4

In P.E this term year 4 have been learning how to carry out various rolls, jumps and shapes as part of our gymnastics sequence of learning. The children really enjoyed working independently to create their own gymnastics sequence using the skills they had learnt.  


This term year 4 have had their second set of recorder lessons from a THAMES music tutor. The children have enjoyed learning various tunes involving ‘Hot Cross Buns’ and ‘Au Clair de la Lune’.


They’re becoming more confident at knowing how to play each note independently and at reading musical notations. 

Year 1

We have been developing our independence.  We have been trying to do our Maths learning independently. 


In science we have been learning about seasonal changes.  We explored the school grounds and drew observational drawings of plants and trees.



 In Nursery, we have been developing our independence by trying new activities and learning through trial and error. This can range from learning to put on and zip up our own coats, to having our own ideas and collecting the resources we need to make them!


Here, two of our nursery children had the idea to make their own sand-birthday cake. They collected the resources they needed and pretended  to light the candles. "Be careful, it's hot!" one told the other.



Now that children in nursery have an understanding of safe and unsafe behaviour, we can begin to develop their independence through focused activities with more challenge. Here, the nursery children have been learning how to cut fruit and vegetables to see what could be inside!


Year 6

In Year 6 we show our independence across all our learning.  In Maths we can choose a variety of equipment to help us solve our calculations independently.  


We are creative with our independence too! We have a go at practising our Ukuleles independently so that we can improve with our music skills. 

We can apply our independent skills when working on our own or in a team.


In Reception, we have been learning to be independent when we are preparing food. We know that we have to wash our hands and keep things clean, and we know that we have to be careful when using equipment like knives for chopping.

We have been learning to be independent by looking after our own sketch books which we use every week in Woodlands. We do not drop our books, or scribble on them. We use them to make sketches of the trees, leaves and plants we see in Woodlands.