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At Stepney Park we Try New Things

We have so many learning experiences that allow us to challenge ourselves to try new things, take a risk and develop our knowledge and skills!
Year 5

In Year 5, we have started reading William Shakespeare’s Macbeth - well, a child-friendly version of Macbeth that we can all read together!  On Tuesday, we all took part in a Macbeth workshop led by the Freshwater Theatre Company.  It involved trying and learning lots of new things, such as moving like characters from the story, speaking like them and creating a series of tableaux (drama group freeze frames). 


We performed a short version of Macbeth as a whole class and even learnt from Shakespearean insults!

Year 1

In 1 Oak we have been trying new things like Taibah the Tiger. During maths we used practical equipments like straws, dienes and cubes to represent numbers to 50 and built on our understanding that ten ones can be grouped into one ten. We are learning how a number is made up of tens and ones, e.g. 34 = 3 tens and 4 ones.

In P.E we are continuing with the dance unit and performing a series of characters, movements and actions that fit the nursery rhymes. We are using our body to create simple shapes.


Also in the playground, we challenged ourselves by using play equipment which we had not used before. We have been practising our skills using hula hoops, skipping ropes and bouncing the ball with one hand. 


Year 2

The children learned lots of new information about how to look after themselves in PSHEE. They decided to make posters to help other children look after themselves as well. 


 They learned about how exercise can make your body and your mind feel better, and discussed a new type of exercise they would like to try. Their ideas were yoga, cycling and going on walks. Along with this, they decided to try new types of food that would be healthy for them. Their posters were a way for them to share the new information they learned with others as well as being a reminder to themselves about the ways in which they can stay healthy.      


Year 4

During their DT lessons Year 4 Willow worked collaboratively to design and make wooden truss bridges.

They learned how to saw wood and use a glue gun safely.

The project involved them using mathematical measuring skills and their  knowledge of the properties of shapes. They were very proud that they managed to make really strong bridges. 

Year 3

3 Willow has been exploring the learning behaviour -  trying new things after the half term.

For this week’s DT we have focused on the topic of cooking. For cooking we were set to create a dip. We created two different dips; guacamole and hummus. We learnt about and carried out 3 different cooking techniques. We practised blending, crushing and juicing.  We also explored different spices and herbs. The spices we used in our dips were cumin and paprika. We tasted different dips and discussed how to improve our design to ensure we have a better dip. 


Shakibul - “I enjoyed helping to wash up as this is not something I would usually do.”

Liyana - “I tried new vegetables like celery and bell peppers.”

After many years, we finally were able to go on a long distance trip to the Natural History Museum.

We went to the Natural History Museum as we have been learning about Mary Anning in English. The Natural History Museum allowed us to access a different resource of information. We saw and learnt about a range of fossils. 

Helen & Saif - “We used our booklets to find information about the fossils. It was like a treasure hunt.”

Vincent - “We saw the giant Ichthyosaur of Lyme Regis.”

We also learnt about other things that we haven’t been learning about in school such as the Kobe Earthquake that happened in 1995 in Japan. We stepped into a simulator and experienced what the people at that time felt during the earthquake. 


Iidle - “It felt very wobbly.” 

Farasha - “It felt very real, I couldn’t imagine how the people felt at that time. They must have been so worried.”


As we have had Storm Eunice the children in Nursery thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of all the water and scrubbed the floor in the playground. The children have been learning how to put on appropriate wet weather clothing to keep dry while using bubbles and lots of water!



Also the children have been helping to better organise their toys by helping to drill holes into the outdoor storage tray so that they won’t collect rain. The children learnt about how to use power tools safely with the help of an adult.

Finally we have learnt a quick and easy recipe to make pancakes for Pancake day.  It helps us to build up our strength in our hands as we carefully mix ingredients together.  We also learn to take turns and develop patience as we wait to have a turn making the food.


Year 6

During DT, Y6 Willow explored how simple machines work. They experimented with gears, levers and pulleys. They were then set the challenge to create a simple pulley system to lift up and down a toy figure.  Here you can see the fantastic hard work of some of our children.  They are proud to share their different experiments.  



We have been learning all about the Little Red Hen. We want to try new things so we decided to make some bread just like she did. We had lots of fun making it.

We are getting good at waiting our turn and supporting each other.  

Rolling out the dough helped us to develop our fine motor skills.