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Ambition is Everywhere at Stepney Park!!

All the children are proud to share how Ambitious they are being this term.

Year 6

In year 6 Maple, we have been ambitious during Science this week as we have looked into Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. 

Charles Darwin challenged the commonly believed ideas around him and pioneered his theory of how and why animal species have changed. He was ambitious, travelling the globe to collect evidence to support his ideas. 

We spent a lesson simulating how natural selection led to creation of more bird species - specifically their beaks.
First we tried ‘eating’ rice with our ‘beaks’. We had 4 different kinds: tweezers, tongs, knives and forks. Our experiment showed us that birds with small, pointy and accurate beaks (like tweezers) would be able to pick up and eat small food. 


If animals could not adapt to eat the food available, then they would not survive. 

We then tried picking up larger food. We found that bigger beaks such as tongs or the fork could help us pick up those items. 


Charles Darwin observed birds in the wild, to see how they used their beak. Depending on the food available in their environment, bird species have adapted to have a beak that is the most efficient to eat with.
Next time, when you see a bird, observe its beak carefully. 

        BirdNET – The easiest way to identify birds by sound.    

How does it use its beak?      What shape is it?     Why do you think it has adapted to have a beak like that?

Year 2

In 2 Maple, last week we went on a school trip to Mudchute Farm. We learnt lots of information about the animals on the farm. Farmer Tom told us that all the animals on the farm have a purpose and he asked us to remember what they were. Cows are kept for beef, leather and milk. Sheep are kept for lamb, wool and milk and chickens are kept for their eggs. We were even allowed to feed the animals, some of us felt a bit nervous but we were very brave and when we fed the sheep it felt like they were tickling our hands!


The next day we wrote a recount about our trip to the farm. We were being ambitious when we tried to remember the facts we had learnt about the animals on the farm.

We also reminded ourselves about what great writers do, remembering capital letters, full stops and using our phonics to spell words. We continued to try our best and persevere like Abby the Ant.

Year 3

In Year 3, we have been learning about how to protect the environment, and creating posters that encourage the children at Stepney Park to take care of the world around them. We learnt why it was important to pick up little, recycle and reduce pollution. We were ambitious in our writing by using noun phrases and conjunctions in our sentences.

This sentence is by Zaina who used two adjectives in her writing, as well as the conjunction ‘because’ ! 

This sentence was written by Shazfa who used the conjunction ‘yet’ to extend and improve her sentence.

This sentence was written by Anisa who talked about the importance of being responsible for the environment using the conjunction ‘because’. 

We also visited the East London Mosque to learn more about prayer in Islam. We had a lot of fun on our tour, and learnt many different facts about the mosque, such as the fact that the mosque has its own bees and sells honey! We were ambitious in trying to remember as much information as we could so we could write a diary entry about our visit in English.

Learning information


 Listening carefully





Year 1

In 1 Willow class we have developed a very strong determination to achieve success. In Art we have been learning about the author and illustrator Eric Carle.


We have been ambitious when making collage in the style of Eric Carle.  On World Book Day we dressed up as our favourite book character.

We were lucky enough to listen to a storyteller which gave us the desire to achieve when telling our own stories. 


This week we have been showing ambition in Reception! We have enjoyed many different activities which have required us to do lots of planning and reviewing of how well our activity is going. From building houses for the Three Little Pigs to making our own animals of interest!


We used different materials to make the houses for the Three Little Pigs. We worked together with our friends exploring different materials and thinking about which ones might be strong enough to keep the wolf out!


Year 4

4 Maple have been showing great ambition with their learning this week, particularly in art. They have worked incredibly hard and set high expectations for themselves during their sewing project, which is evident in the various stitches and materials they used to replicate an island.


They first chose different coloured felt to sew on top of each other and create contours of an island, which represented the hills and creative landscape of their island.

They then used their knowledge of running stitch and overstitch to assemble these fabrics together, followed by very ambitious and enthusiastic use of materials to replicate the features of their island.

For example, pompoms were used by some children to symbolise forests, ribbons were used by others to demonstrate rivers and lakes, while other children used hemma beads and gemstones to represent stones, mountains and bedside rock. Keep up the hard work! 


We having been thinking about 'ambition' in nursery.  For nursery children, this usually means 'having a go' at trying something new even if it's a bit scary!


Trying new food


          Meeting the chickens!                     

Ambition can look differently for different children! This child wanted to plant a seed every day this week! When her seeds started to grow, she was so thrilled!

Year 5

We always aim to be ambitious with all of our work in Year 5.   Last week, we went to the Science Museum in West London. We were able to explore the Wonderlab- a gallery with lots of interactive installations and experiments for us. It was so fun! We tried testing out the friction slides, circuit boards, paddle chair, static electricity, water drop photography and we watched a live experiment about solids, liquids and gases.


After lunch, we watched a truly fun and disgusting show called, ‘It Takes Guts’ which took us on a journey through the digestion of the human body. We learnt a lot and laughed a lot too. 


The day was special because it showed us that with hard work, ambition and curiosity we can achieve anything we put our minds to.


So many of the famous scientists and astronauts we read about inspired us to be ambitious in the future!