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Empathy - Just like Emad the Elephant!

We show Empathy to others and our environment

Year 1

Year1 Oak visited the woodlands to explore plants, leaves and minibeasts. Using magnifying glass we explored what was underneath the logs and moved it gently.


We were empathetic and took extra care not to disturb their habitats.

Also while walking around our woodlands we made sure we stayed safe and kept our peers safe too.  We met some police officers whose job it is to keep people safe too.

During our visit to the Soanes Centre we explored the cemetery park and the wildlife. This meant we had to respect the environment and be careful not to step on the old gravestones and destroy any plants and wildlife.


Year 3

In 3 Pine we always show empathy by helping others and always being kind to each other. We make sure we listen to our friends in class when they are talking, this shows them both empathy and respect. During discussion times we have been talking about friendships and what good friendships look like. We have decided that a lot of what we need to be a good friend is down to being empathetic.

One of the children in our class made a poster that explains what friendship is and we use this to remind us what we need to do when we are out in the playground.

We also made our own posters that show how we can be a good friend to others.



Out in the playground we make sure we play together and try to include everyone.


Year 5 

In our PSHEE lessons, we have been working on developing our empathy skills. In our discussion we have been listening carefully and responding appropriately. We have discussed the terms self-esteem and body image. We then shared our own views and ways we can boost our self-esteem. We also discussed how important it is to speak kindly to one another and how words spoken by others can impact our self-esteem.


We have also been exploring the meaning of Ramadan and fasting.  We know that Ramadan is a time when Muslims show great empathy towards others by fasting, giving to charity and through prayer.  


In Nursery, we have been reading ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’. The final page shows the bear walking across the beach looking forlorn. “He’s sad because he hasn’t got any friends,” one child noticed. 

The children were challenged to think of ways to be kind particularly when someone feels lonely. 

The children made bear masks and took turns inviting the bear to different places. 


We can play with him,” one child suggested.

"Give him food.”

Good sharing.” said another child. 

Our favourite idea was to make a campfire on the beach, roast marshmallows and invite the bear to a party!  After all, a bear wouldn't eat us if there were marshmallows on offer!

Year 2

2 Pine has been showing lots of empathy around school just like Emad! In Science we met Coco, Edith’s dog. We had to be really empathetic and make sure we didn’t make any loud noises or crowd around her so that she wasn’t scared. We learnt lots of facts about Coco and all the things she likes and doesn’t like.

In English we have been reading Claude in the City. We imagined how Claude and his best friend Sir Bobbly Sock were feeling during their adventure to the city!


Year 6

In English, Year 6 have been reading the story ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. One of the main characters, Zero, chose not to speak to anyone. The other boys thought he was stupid and were mean to him. We discussed how Zero must have felt and how it would make us feel if we saw this in real life. Everyone agreed it was easy to empathise with Zero and we had lots of ideas about how to support him. We discussed ways we could be braver in helping people who might be feeling sad in a range of situations at school.


In the Year 5 & 6 Chess Club, there is always a lot of empathy shown by the children. When a child wins their match, they are always sensitive to the feelings of the person that has lost and while enjoying their win, they never gloat and make the losing child feel upset.

In many of the stories we read for enjoyment, we often empathise with a character who is having a difficult time in their lives. Books where we recently felt empathy for the characters include: Wild Boy, The Boy At The Back Of The Class and Goldfish Boy.


Year 4

At the end of last term 4 Pine went on a wonderful trip to the Lee Valley River.  The purpose of our trip was to learn about rivers as part of our Geography learning.

We explored the names and features of different animals which live along the river. 


We used our observational skills to spot a variety of birds and wildlife.  

We also showed empathy for the wildlife by learning about their habitat, diet and how to keep the river clean and safe for them.  By looking after rivers and the wildlife surrounding them, we are actually showing empathy for our 


Now spring is here, we are learning to show empathy towards baby animals. We are very excited about having our own incubator where we will care for six eggs until the chicks hatch. To learn about how to care for baby animals, we went to the farm. We saw baby goats, called kids, drinking milk from the mother goat. We saw three baby sheep, called lambs, and we met some chicks which had already hatched. 


Farmer Tom told us all about how they look after baby animals at the farm. They need food, water and warmth. And they need to play and explore, just like us! 


We cannot wait to meet our own chicks!