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Resilience in our learning

We have been learning hard and being resilient trying new things

Year 2

With our History topic being focused on our local area, Year 2 has been learning to accept change around us. As we have learned about the changes to the Stepney area, we now know what kind of effects even the Blitz had. On one of our history lessons we visited the St Dunstan’s Church, which is the oldest building in the area!


This has all prepared us to be more resilient towards change. Change is constant, but with our resilient attitudes we react to it in a calm way.

To top things off, we finally managed to have our school trip to St Paul’s Cathedral! During our visit we discussed the major effects on the Cathedral, especially what the Great Fire of London caused. After everything that the ‘church of all Londoners’ has gone through, the fifth version of the church is standing tall for us to marvel!

Year 1

In 1 Oak we are continuing to build our resilience. We have faced lots of challenges during our learning both at home and at school. We are learning to find ways to overcome challenges and not give up. We do our best and have a go at all activities.

Our adults and teachers challenge us daily and we work hard to find ways to overcome the challenges we face. We talk it through as a group, in pairs and individually to come up with  solutions on how to overcome it. Sometimes we need a little more support but once we feel confident we can face the challenge independently. Our teachers are always very supportive and proud of us.


Similarly, in DT we have made our own portable snacks. Before we made our snacks we had to practice the skills of grating, bridge hold, spreading and folding to make a mini wrap. We found cutting tomatoes challenging as we used a bread knife and it wasn’t sharp.


Also, when grating we had to be extra careful by holding the grater away from our fingers.

Year 4

Our year 4 children have been showing excellent resilience in our woodlands! We’ve been learning how to tie half hitch knots around trees to help us put up a shelter any time we visit the woodland - perfect for keeping the rain and sun off of us!


It took us a while to master but we persevered and therefore made some excellent shelters. We’ve also been trying our hand at using whittling knives to whittle sticks.


It’s a challenging skill to master but we learnt from our mistakes and after a few attempts, we were whittling our sticks with ease.

Year 3

In year 3, we have been learning to be resilient using our collaboration skills and curiosity just like Colin and Corey. In design technology we have been learning about lever mechanisms. We have had to learn and use technical language to accurately identify and describe the different movements of linked lever arrangements in order to create our own. 

   Levers and Pivots - Rumaysa

Product design - Amina

We have had to overcome many challenges in order to create our finished product ‘a foldable gate’ to protect the planting areas in the Forest School. We first researched different mechanisms and designs in order to inspire our own, we then used these to create our product designs. In the product design process we had to consider the most appropriate materials and tools needed to construct our levers.


We created a practice lever testing our preferred lever method using card and split pins before making our final design.

The next challenges we had to overcome were to use unfamiliar tools such as drills, saws and clamps to fix our levers together. Some children found that the holes originally measured out were not in the correct place to fit the levers together and so had to re-measure and redrill holes. Other children found that their levers were not the correct length, and so they would not function properly so had to double-check their measurements. 

Despite these obstacles and setbacks, the children in year 3 did an excellent job in remaining resilient throughout and produced some fantastic working mechanisms.


Well done year 3!

Year 5

What an exciting week for Year 5! We were lucky enough to have a chance to perform at Cadogan Hall as part of the Bach Choir.  We were all feeling a little nervous beforehand because many of us had never performed on such a big stage.  However, we remembered all the hard work we had put in at rehearsals, took a deep breath and sang tunefully.


Afterwards, we felt so proud of ourselves for doing something new and out of our comfort zone. Who knows - maybe one day we will be selling out our own shows!

Year 6

In Year 6 Oak we have been showing resilience by preparing and planning for the ‘Open Afternoon’ on Wednesday the 6th of July.  We are busy at work to make it a wonderful afternoon and look forward to also joining in the Big Draw with parents! 

We are working on a project in Maths which involves planning and budgeting for ‘fun fair’ style activities which parents and children will be able to get involved with on the day.  We can’t tell you what it is… so please join to find out and bring some change if you would like to have a go!   


We are resilient in Reception! We have been trying hard and practising to throw and catch into a target and balance.


We had to keep on trying until we were successful! We have been learning to have fun by taking part, listening to instructions and joining in with our friends cooperatively. As we get ready for Year 1 we have been taking turns with less help from our grown-ups.