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Respect at school

We all show respect in so many ways!

Respect is so important at our school but also through everything we do in our lives.  We know respect can be shown in a variety of ways: Doing our best to keep ourselves and others safe; expressing ourselves with kind and thoughtful words; respecting our learning by trying hard with our work; caring for the classroom, school and world environment.  Take a look at all the ways in which we are respectful in our news below.

Year 5

All the Year 5 classes have recently visited Mulberry Stepney Green secondary school for science taster lessons.  All the children really enjoyed themselves and had a go at trying several different, new experiments. 

They collaborated in small groups and worked together with students from Mulberry Stepney Green. 


Everyone treated the science laboratory with respect and appreciated the opportunities they had there.

Year 1

We were really lucky to have an animal experience during curiosity day. It was fantastic to touch and hold these creatures if we desired. We always treated these creatures with respect and listened to the handler’s advice as to how to treat them appropriately. 


All the children handled the creatures with respect.

Year 1 and 2 respectfully listening to the G.B. athlete Elidh Gibson

During ambition day we were lucky enough to have Elidh Gibson a G.B. athlete come and talk to us about her achievements. We had deep feelings of admiration for her abilities and success.


In Nursery, we have been thinking about respect and what it looks like! Our core text has been  ‘The Three Little Pigs’. In the story, the wolf is not respectful at all! He blows down the pigs’ houses and tries to eat them! 


Luckily, our Nursery children are great at showing the wolf how to be respectful to others! Here, some children are helping the pigs rebuild their house!


Playing with water is fun! The children in these pictures are showing the wolf how to share and take turns.        


Helping others is a great way to be respectful and kind! 

Year 6

Having nearly completed the final and toughest term; Learning. Revision. SATs, our school respected our right to play, by taking us to Victoria Park for some much-needed fun.  

Here is Y6 Willow having a lot of fun swinging and sliding in Victoria Park. 

We enjoyed going high on the swing.

None of us quite expected the slide to go so fast!

We all enjoyed our picnic lunch in the park. 

Year 2

This week in Year 2 we have been working respectfully with our partner in Maths while we learn about 2D shapes. We did a great investigation where our teachers gave us 18 straws and we needed to see how many pentagons, hexagons and triangles we could make with our partner.

It was tricky as the straws kept rolling away but with some teamwork and resilience we did it!  Did you know that you can make 3 hexagons with 18 straws but you have 3 straws left over? 

We have even practised making shapes on geoboards with our partners, helping them hold the elastic bands and supporting them when they got stuck. It was so much fun! 

Year 4

In year 4 children have been reading The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.


Take a look at how these children have demonstrated how much they respect their learning, by publishing it so neatly.

The children have written fantastic diary entries pretending to be Edmund who is one of the characters. Their diary entries show how Edmund disrespected his brothers and sisters.  In the story Edmund was faced with a dilemma: Should he betray his brothers and sisters to the wicked White Witch of Narnia or should he be loyal to them?


In Reception we have been learning how to take responsibility for our environment by respecting it. We have read the story Somebody Swallowed Stanley and we have been thinking about how to keep our oceans clean and the sea creatures safe. We made these posters to help people remember not to drop litter and to recycle plastic so it does not pollute the sea. 



We love going to Woodlands and this week we invented our own Woodlands Champions who could protect and care for the wonderful trees that clean our air, give us different fruit and give birds and animals a place to live. Our trees do not have voices, so our tree champions will be responsible for keeping them safe. 



We are so proud of our hard work.