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Super Learning Behaviours at Stepney Park

There is so much to celebrate with our learning this term! Well done children for all your hard work.

Year 3

Across Year 3 we have been doing some amazing learning.

In year 3, we took part in a Big Draw activity afternoon which gave us the opportunity to create an independent piece of art and make it part of a collaborative piece for our class.

We were inspired by Elizabeth Blackwell and Henry De La Beche. We used a combination of art skills using oil pastels, water paints and mark making to create detailed pictures of fossils and plants to recreate those discovered by Mary Anning. We then collaboratively chose where to position our independent art to create a Jurassic landscape.

In 3 Willow we have been learning about being respectful in public spaces. We went on our last trip of the year to Kew Gardens and it was absolutely amazing. We came across enchanting plants from cacti to palm trees.


We had to remember to be respectful in many ways from being gentle around the plants to keeping our noise level to a minimum so other people can enjoy the peace of being around nature.

3 Pine have been showing great respect for each other in the classroom and around the school by making sure they listen to each other when sharing opinions in the class. The children have been using our ABC symbols to really show how they have been listening and then responding appropriately. 


3 Pine also went to Kew gardens.

We explored up high in the tree top walkway.

The children showed great respect by making sure they use very quiet inside voices as we were using public transport.  While moving around the spaces we made sure we were mindful of other people using the area as well. We also made sure we used our manners like please, thank you and greetings.

We explored so many interesting plants and tried to independently discover the names of as many as we could.


In Reception we have been learning how to be independent when preparing food. We made fruit kebabs by chopping fruit carefully, then threading the fruit onto a kebab stick. Some of us made patterns with the fruit, which we had learnt about in maths. Healthy and delicious!



We are getting ready for Year One, by practising writing words and sentences independently. We know how to use sound boards to help us find the letters that we need without asking a grown up to help us. We write sentences every morning and we are great at writing!


Year 4

During Sports Day, 4 Maple and 4 Oak demonstrated their independence by engaging with many of the sports activities at Mile End Stadium! The children tried really hard to independently complete the races, as well as the Olympic and fun activities. They even ran as far as 400 metres by themselves!


They had a fantastic time developing both their independence and stamina during Sports Day.  Faiza and Sarah are so proud of you all!

Year 1

In 1 Maple we have been developing our independence. We worked independently to create a Kandinsky themed tree during the 'Big Draw'.

We used our individual artwork to create a class tree.

We also competed in our school sports day.  We have all shown fantastic learning behaviours!

Year 6

Year 6 have been working hard on their final art project. They were given the freedom to create whatever they wanted to represent a memory of their time at Stepney Park. Maple class showed great independence when working in the studio, thinking carefully about the materials and mediums they wanted to use. They were mature, asked for help when needed and were resilient when it did not go to plan. Their final artwork was thoughtful and creative, each one different and a great representation of themselves. 


Year 5

In Year 5 we have been trying new things all year but our teachers particularly noticed that a lot of us could not tie shoelaces independently. We made outlines of our shoes and added laces to help us practise. We spent some time working with those who found it difficult and had a go at teaching!

We also practised the skill of sewing, which we haven’t done since year 2! We found it really hard to thread the needles and tie the knots in order to stop the thread going through. A lot of us really enjoyed it and a few of us got frustrated at how hard it is, but we all kept on persevering! Can you guess what it is?

Trying new things can be tricky but also lots of fun. We can learn news skills that help us to develop new interests too. We also had to get used to performing to another class this week using our ukuleles! It was scary but we did so well.