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Childcare Clubs

We are pleased to be starting our childcare provision soon!

We are happily now in the position to offer a childcare club to children from Reception - Year 6.  This will be for working families and/or those parents accessing education only, at this stage.

These clubs will be run by school staff.  They will be in groups of up to 15 pupils from across the school.  
They will involve games, crafts and outside play.
You will be able to choose the mornings or afternoons which you need.
Please note: the morning provision does not include breakfast.

If you are working, this provision will have a small charge, payable in advance.
The before-school session, from 8:00am-9:00am will be £2.50.
The after-school provision, from 3:30pm-5:20pm will be £5.00.

If you are a parent accessing education the club will be free.  You will need to provide evidence of your course and the days you need the childcare for.

We will be sharing a Google Form with all parents soon, in order to get an idea of the need for the Clubs so we can set them up as soon as possible.  If you need before and after school childcare, please fill in the form when you receive it.  Many thanks.

We are working on our strategy for introducing Enrichment clubs (ie after school drama, sports and crafts) and will be keeping you informed as to what these will be and when they will start.