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Open Afternoon - 6th July

Stepney Park Open Afternoon!! - Wednesday 6th July, 2:30-4pm

Friday 1st July 2022

Dear Parents and Carers of Stepney Park Primary School,

I am thrilled to be opening our school gates and doors to welcome our families into school on Wednesday 6th July, from 2:30-4pm.

This will be an afternoon to see the learning across the school, visit your child's class and teacher, and take part in a range of activities around the school.  We really want to celebrate Stepney Park Primary School together with you and can't wait to see you!

Please find all the information you need in the rest of this newsletter.

Kind regards,

Edith Philipsen

Headteacher- Stepney Park Primary School.

Take a look at the breakdown of the afternoon:

Big Draw

From 2:30-3:30, children and their families are invited into classrooms to take part in the big draw. You will get a chance to try out different materials and techniques, collaborating with the children on producing a fantastic work of art for the school displays.  

Once you have finished this, you are then welcome to visit the other activities around the school. 

Events around the School

  • With your parent(s), visit the events taking place across the school:

    • Make a fruit kebab with your child and eat it (for free!)

    • Watch a Year 5 ukulele lesson

    • Join in with some sports in the playground

    • Discover different uses of ICT (green screen, Spheros, VR headsets)

    • Create artwork in the woodlands

    • Visit the Year 6 art exhibition

    • Observe live music performances

    • Buy Y6 products they have made themselves

    • Eat some food that parents have made (and give a small donation to charity)

    • Learn how to look after your bike with some local bike mechanics

    • Practice calming, mindful Yoga 

    • Find out about Summer events at the Idea store

    • Meet our Family Support worker and learn more about events for parents

At 4:00 pm, parents and children will need to leave as we close the school gates.

Here are some important reminders for all parents, to ensure the afternoon runs smoothly.

  • Collecting children: You are invited to come into the school from 2:30pm, where you can go to your child's class to collect them and look at their work and take part in the Big Draw.  There will be plenty of time to move across the site and collect your child if you have more than one child, and children will be waiting in their class engaged with the Big Draw. If you come at 3:30 you will still need to collect your child/children from their classrooms.  There will be no after-school clubs on this day but childcare club will run as normal.


  • Entrance and Exit: All parents and carers should arrive through the Smithy Street main playground gate.  This will also be the only exit.  This will have staff on it at all times to ensure children can not leave unaccompanied.  


  • Access: We welcome you to explore the school and both buildings.  Some areas of the school will have "no entry" signs.  Please observe these and do not go into these spaces.  We will have a map available for you to use on the day.

  • Buggies: Please park all buggies under the shelter near the school fence.  It will not be possible to have them in the school buildings or walking around the school.  Thank you.


  • Supervision: Once children are collected they must stay with their parents and carers at all times and be supervised by them.  Please note - do not let your children go on the climbing frames.  If your child is lost please report to the school office.  All staff will direct unaccompanied children here.
  • We will not plan a fire alarm on this afternoon! If you are in a building where the alarm sounds, please calmly take yourself and your child to the North site playground to await further instructions.


  • Communication and safety: All staff will be on hand to talk to you and answer questions as you enjoy the learning around the school.  We are looking forward to talking to you.  We will be respectfully asking unfamiliar adults who they are visiting in order to fulfil our safeguarding responsibilities. 


  • Toilets: If parents need to go to the toilet while at the school, please go to the office where staff will allow you to access the school toilet.  Please note that for safeguarding reasons we cannot allow any visitors into the pupil's toilets. 


  • Jumpers/Lost Property: We have washed all the lost property and sorted it into sizes.  We welcome family members to come and have any items they want and are looking forward to it all finding a home.  Many of the items are in fantastic condition.  We strongly encourage you to come and take an item so that these school clothes do not have to be thrown away.  Thank you. 


  • Class books: We will have children's old classwork books ready to be taken home.  Please bring a suitable bag if you want to take these books home with you.  


  • Feedback: We will be asking for your feedback on the school.  If you have the time, we would love your comments which will be collected by members of the PCT towards the end of the afternoon.  


  • Charity: Most of the activities, food and events are free. There will be some stalls to buy things and the Year 6s will be selling some of their creations.  We recommend that you bring plenty of small-change on the day.  Proceeds will go to charity as we are raising money for the Islamic-Relief, Bangladesh flood relief.  We will also have collection buckets around the school.‚Äč