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Great Learning

We are having an expressive and creative Autumn!

Brilliant Displays!!

Take a look at some of our fantastic displays from across the school.  We know you will enjoy looking at these when you come to Parents Evening next week. 

Year 5: The Savage

Year 4: Iron Man
Year 6: The Yark

Year 3: The Day the Crayons Quit
Year 6

In Year 6 Pine this week we have been trying new things in our English learning. We have been reading Talking Turkeys by Benjamin Zephaniah.

Benjamin Zephaniah - Poet Benjamin Zephaniah Poems

We have used his work as inspiration to write and perform our own poems. We had to make sure we included rhyme in our work and that it had a good rhythm. We also practised actions and used great expressions in our voices when reading!     


Year 3

In 3 Pine we are trying new things! This week we had out first recorder lesson this year. We have started to learn how to read music and play notes in tune. This was challenging at first but by the end of our lesson we were collaborating well with each other and plating in tune.


We have also been learning about Diwali in our RE lessons. This is the Hindu festival of light. We learned about what Hindus do on this special day and compared this with our own experiences. We especially enjoyed learning about the story of Rama and Sita.

Year 5

On Tuesday 1st November Year 5 Pine went to the Museum of London. We got the underground from Whitechapel to Farringdon. 

When we arrived at the museum we put our things away and headed to the Roman exhibition. We had a special quest booklet we had to follow to find the answers to different questions about Roman life. For example, we had to find things that would have been in a Roman kitchen, or about the jewellery people would have worn. This was really fun and interesting as we were allowed to move around the space with a friend to find the answers, and it was amazing seeing real life historical sources! 

After lunch, we moved to the mediaeval section of the museum. We found a replica of an Anglo-Saxon house, complete with stove top pot, fire for cooking and beds. There was a film we could watch, giving us more historical information and we used cartridge paper to do detailed sketches of artefacts we had found. We worked collaboratively and loved exploring new learning. 


Year 4

In year 4, we have developed our understanding of place value to help us in maths.  We use a range of resources and work carefully with our learning partners in maths.  This helps us to understand our work and explain our calculations. 


This is called reasoning. We ask our partner: Do you agree with me? Do you challenge me?  This helps us to explain our ideas carefully.