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A Fantastic New Year

Enjoy reading about the fantastic learning at Stepney Park!

Year 1

In Geography, 1 Maple has been learning about The United Kingdom. We have been using directions to talk about the countries. We were curious like Corey about the directions North, South, East and West. We then tried new things like Taibah and looked at maps, talking about where the countries were in relation to each other. E.g Scotland is North of England. 


In PSHE we discussed achieving goals and how this makes us feel. The children said they felt happy, proud and excited when they are successful. We all discussed something we have achieved that we are proud of just like Abby the Ant. The children also set goals that they would like to achieve in the future.   


Year 2

In year 2 we have been so impressed with the family homework projects that have been brought into school. Our children have been busy crafting paper lanterns, sketching dragons, creating origami animals and making intricate puppets! Well done to all those children who got crafting some wonderful projects over the holidays and thank you to families for supporting children do make these.

We’ve had an exciting and busy start to the term!   We are now starting our next term of drumming lessons with our music tutor. We’ve been creating different types of sounds by hitting different parts of the drum and creating beats which have a slow and fast tempo. We can’t wait to showcase our musical instrument playing in our end of term performance!


Year 5

This week in Maple class, we have started writing our newspaper articles after reading a narrative poem called ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes. Everyone is really enjoying the story because it has lots of different themes, we’ve also worked out that it fits into a lot of different genres e.g horror, romance and action. It has sparked many thought-provoking discussions about villains and morals.

We have also been spending our afternoons taking part in various Science experiments, where we have been learning about materials and their properties. In our photos, we were investigating magnetism and the distance that each magnet would pull the nickel.


Next week we will be heading to the Natural History Museum so please ensure your child has comfortable shoes, a coat and water!

Your child should be reading at home every day for 20 minutes, as this is the best way for them to improve their reading, writing and vocabulary. As well as completing their Maths homework (either the google form or Times Table Rockstars). 

Year 3


Art lessons have started again for Year 3, and 3 Maple have been building on the skills we learnt in Year 1 and 2, and our previous topic. We are using our observational drawing skills to create beautiful, realistic drawings of cut flowers. Before we began, our teacher showed us the main parts of a plant, and some different examples of flowers we could draw. We had to pay careful attention to the shape, size and position of the flowers on our page when we were mark-making.  At the end of this Art slot, we will create a big collage of flowers using all the children’s work from Year 3.

In PSHE, we have started a new topic – dreams and goals. We learnt some new vocabulary, including ‘obstacles’, ‘challenge’ and ‘persevere’. We discussed some pictures which showed challenges that children could be facing, and talked about how they could overcome them, and the importance of being empathetic to other people’s obstacles in life, and how the types of challenges that we might face in life.

Year 6 

6 Maple and Oak visited the Science Museum at the end of last term.  We had a brilliant time and Beth loved her last trip at Stepney Park.


We were wowed by the wonder show and loved exploring the wonder lab.


Check out the multiple reflections and the fantastic outcomes from a pendulum pen.


Year 4

It’s been an exciting start to the spring term in 4 Maple with science and geography! This week the children have been curious about electricity. They have been busy collaborating to create their own electrical circuits to light a bulb. The children used their scientific knowledge to label and record technical diagrams of their circuits.  


In geography, 4 Maple have been ambitious in carefully identifying the 5 different stages of the water cycle. They have labelled diagrams in detail and written some fantastic explanations to show their understanding - well done 4 Maple!

    The Water Cycle - Safa     

  Water Cycle diagram - Kausar


This week in Maple class we have been reading the Three Little Pigs in Literacy.

The children have been exploring the different materials that were used by the pigs to build a house. Here are some of the children building their houses.  We have been thinking about which materials would make the strongest homes and why.  We love joining in with the story and saying the parts of the pigs:

"Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!"