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Curious Children

Children at Stepney Park are showing their curiosity in many different areas!

Year 1

We recently visited the Postal Museum and were very curious to learn all about how letters and parcels are delivered (in the UK and also the world) presently and a long time ago. This linked to our history topic where we studied transport in the past. We also discovered how letters and parcels were moved around London on a small mail train in the past. We had to be responsible and willing to try new things when going on this small train. Oak class shared one of our favourite books called The Jolly Postman.

Year 2

Year 2 went on a trip to the Soanes Centre. We got to really embed our knowledge around materials as this has been our topic in Science. 2 Oak was able to give the workshop leader incredible examples of their knowledge, and they also listened carefully for further details on the sources of different materials which we observed closely.


We collaborated as teams as we classified some materials in the class and then later on went to observe some of the properties of materials found near the centre. In the end we got to make a fire! Everyone got a chance to try making sparks with pebbles found in the park but also with a steel striker. In the end we had an experience with some liquid and powder to create an explosion with gas. 

Year 3

3 Oak has recently been to the National Gallery, it was a wonderful day! We had a look at some amazing paintings and we used our little booklets to make a few sketches and mark making of patterns we saw around the gallery. The teachers in year 3 had a few favourite pictures and we had to go and look for them in the gallery.


This term we have also been in the art studio at school. We have been using mirrors to look at the shapes of our faces. We then had to do a self-portrait. We all looked really carefully and drew it bit by bit with Helen guiding us through the process. Our self-portraits look amazing!


In science we have been learning about friction and forces. We learnt what a fair test is. The teachers modelled how a fair test experiment is done, then it was our turn. We had to work collaboratively in a group and then write the outcome from the fair test experiment in our books. We were trying to prove if friction had any impact on how far objects moved.

Year 4

4 Oak have been trying new things! This week was our final chess lesson of the year and we held a chess tournament. This gave us opportunities to put our skills to the test against our classmates and try out some new tactics that our chess teacher taught us.


We have been using new vocabulary, such as ‘stalemate’ and ‘fork’ to describe chess moves, and we have been playing against new opponents every week so that we can learn how to play against different styles. We have really enjoyed our chess lessons this year and we have made such great progress in our understanding of the game.

Year 5

Year 5 have been in the art studio creating clay pots.  We took artistic inspiration from biomes of the world: like tundra, marine and savannah.  First, everyone moulded a piece of clay into their base pot, used their thumbs and fingers to pinch and shape the material until we were happy.  The cracks were smoothed over to stop the pots from breaking and then designs influenced by biomes were crafted onto the sides.


After the first lesson, the clay was left to dry.  The lids were moulded next and the form was paid attention to, so it fitted the base.  3D parts that matched the chosen biome were crafted and attached to the lids with stippling.  We have all been concentrating on making something to  be proud of.  The photograph is of our pots so far!