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Class News

We have been searching for signs of Spring this term!

Year 5

Over the last few weeks, the children across Year 5 have had the opportunity to take part in lots of lessons from the Arts.  With Helen, children have been drawing and painting a self-portrait inspired by the works of Kehinde Wiley.  They have thought very carefully about shape, position and perspective in their drawings to make sure they are realistic.  Thinned paint has been added neatly, too.


The children have also been continuing their ukulele lessons with a tutor.  They have learnt chords to the song Lean on Me by Bill Withers.  Children have worked in groups to help each other stay in time.  They have played along to the song several times to practise it and they will be performing it to another year group towards the end of the half-term.


Year 4

4 Oak showed great ambition towards their family homework over the Easter holiday. To help celebrate the arrival of spring, some children in 4 Oak attempted to grow their own plants from seeds. We also had some children being really ambitious with fantastic artwork, including painting a hard-boiled egg. Furthermore, some children wrote very ambitious spring-themed poetry and there was also a very creative model of a flower made from paper.

4 Oak did so well that they won the Family Homework Award for Year 4 after sharing their efforts with the other Year 4 classes in assembly.


A big well done to all the children who were ambitious and attempted something challenging during the Easter holiday! 

Year 1

In Oak class we enjoyed our Eid party. We were very good at caring and looking after each other but also having fun. At the party we admired each others’ beautiful clothes and we played musical statues and musical chairs. I think musical chairs was our favourite!! 


Here we are playing musical chairs and having fun!

Freeze! Our musical statues didn't move a muscle.

Year 3

This term in art we are going to be botanical artists. We are going to be observing plants over time and use our observation skills to help us draw what we can see. The artist we are going to learn about to help us understand what a botanical artist does is Sydney Parkinson. We also had a look at the artist Georgia O’Keeffe and how she painted botanical paintings. We noted how she painted on a large scale, not painting the whole flower. She took a flower that was small and painted it big. We are hoping to take the knowledge and use it to draw our runner bean and pea in our diary for week 2.



We observed what the runner bean and pea seeds look like. We drew our seeds and then used water colour paint to paint our seed. We had to look carefully at the textures on the seeds.  Over the next few weeks we will observe the seeds and how they change and grow and draw it in our art booklets, in our botanical diary.

Year 2

In our new unit of work for Science, Year 2 has started to learn about habitats.

We already know what humans and animals need to survive but this week we made life a bit more comfortable for earthworms! We found worms all around the Woodlands, under rocks, logs and leaves. Spring is arriving, but to make the underground soil even tastier for our slimy friends, we created an underground leaf lasagne for them. Together we dug holes and added layers of leaves for the worms to munch through knowing that this would make their habitat more than suitable for them to live in. Our curiosity will help us to write up our evidence to explain why this habitat is the best type of habitat for an earthworm.




Reception Oak class had so much fun celebrating Eid at our Eid parties this week! We enjoyed some party games and did lots of dancing with our friends and teachers. We ate some special food at our Eid lunch which was very delicious and had a wonderful time celebrating together.


We have been settling back to school after the holidays and were so excited to return to our woodlands this week. We used our sketch books and drew some sketches of the changes we could see since we last visited. Now we can see more signs of spring and looked carefully around our woodlands at what we could find.


We saw daffodils and blossoms growing and were very focussed on drawing some brilliant sketches and talking to our friends and teachers about the changes in spring time.

Year 6

Year 6 have been working very hard preparing for their SATS tests which are now only a week away. We have been very impressed with the resilience and commitment the children have shown and wish them well next week.

Year 6 learnt about the main events of the Second World War and how they affected the people of the East End. We were lucky enough to visit the Imperial War Museum where we saw many artefacts from this era. During our visit, we ‘sheltered’ in an original air raid shelter, saw the famous Spitfire and doodlebug and learnt a bit about how wars are reported in modern times.



Year 6 Chess Club

Chess club is attended each week by 20 very committed children. Before she ended her chess lessons, their chess tutor, Shohreh, organised a chess club tournament which was very successful. Since then, Chess Club has continued with a new ‘Chesskid’ lesson each week and lots of matches to try out their latest strategies. In addition, chess club members have represented the school against 6 other schools in the monthly Stepney Chess League.




Chess Tournament against other schools at Stepney Park