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Class News

Read about what we have been learning.

Year 5

In Year 5 we have been learning about Christianity. As part of our studies we were very fortunate to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral to deepen our understanding of its history and importance in London. 


On our tour, we learnt about how St. Paul’s is not just a Cathedral but a concert venue, gallery and even a film set! We were especially impressed seeing the stairs from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! 

At the end of our trip we were allowed to lie down on the floor and look up at the ceiling to view some of the religious artwork.

There were hundreds of tiny pieces of glass and stone making a mosaic image of the first stories in the Bible. We were all really impressed!

Year 1

On Monday 17th April 2023 Year1 Willow visited the London Transport Museum. We took the train from Stepney Station and got off at Temple Station. Once we reached there we were greeted by the Museum team and shown where to put our coats, lunches and given a short talk explaining our day at the Museum including how to stay safe. We enjoyed our guided tour with Daisy.


We learnt about Wilston Samuel Jackson (First Black train driver) and from horse -drawn vehicles to trams, trolleybuses and the first motor buses.

We were extremely lucky to sit on some of the original trains and Daisy showed us how women and men sat on the train in the past. We had time to explore and play in the play zone area and explore the Galleries.

Throughout our trip we were responsible like Ruby the Robin and we were like Taibah the Tiger trying new things.

Year 4

4 Willow have been doing an eggcellent experiment! As part of our learning on digestion, the children are learning about why it is so important to have a healthy diet in order to have healthy teeth. 

Our experiment involved putting eggs in four different liquids (water, vinegar, coca cola and coffee). We put two eggs in each liquid, one with fluoride toothpaste on and one without.  Egg shells are very similar to tooth enamel so we will be able to see what effect the different liquids have on the shells


After the experiment, we made predictions about what might happen. Vincent commented, “I predict that the vinegar will make the shell disintegrate because the acid will weaken the shell.”  Maaisha stated, “I think all of the shells will be stained apart from the one in the water.”


The children are showing excellent curiosity and wondering what will happen to the different egg shells!


Last week Reception were very busy celebrating the King’s Coronation! During exploring time we prepared some salad, made crowns and Union Jack bunting and learnt all about the King. Then on Friday we all went to the hall to have a tea party!


We wore our red, blue and white clothes, our crowns and some of us even dressed up as kings and queens!


We ate our yummy salad and some other snacks too. We had an amazing time!

Year 6

We have been showing great curiosity in Science.  Using wires, batteries, bulbs and buzzers, the class was challenged to the question…

Can you prove or disprove that electrical components are resistors?  

Having considered what resistance is, they decided to test and prove that electrical components reduce the flow of electricity. They predicted that when they added components to a circuit, the voltage would reduce. They found out that adding extra bulbs and buzzers did in fact have a significant effect. The more bulbs they added, for example, the dimmer they would get. Additionally, the more buzzers they added, the quieter each became. Their evidence led to the conclusion that electrical components are resistors. 

Scientists at work



The Nursery children have learnt a lot through exploring ‘Transport’ this term. The transport we looked at included trains, cars, buses, aeroplanes, helicopters, boats, trams, tractors, lorries, vans and again we looked at emergency vehicles.


The children were asked how they got to nursery that morning, with a variety of answers! “In the car with my mummy”, “On the boat!” and some children even told us they flew through the sky.

Fine motor skills and colour recognition are on-going next steps for our children so we gathered all the small vehicles from our room and put them through paint, watching the tracks that they left, allowing us to develop our observational skills.


The children were able to describe the marks they made and also talk about how the colours changed when they are mixed together. 

Experimenting with boats to see if they float or sink.

Reusing boxes to make our models.

Using a steering wheel to take your friends on an adventure!


Year 3

In Science, we have been investigating how shadows change in different environments. We looked at how shadows change throughout the day as well as how the distance of a light source can affect its length.


We were very curious about how the shadows change at different times in the day. Did you know shadows are shorter at noon, because the sun is at its highest point?