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We love being inquisitive!

Pine and Maple show off their great learning this week.

Year 1

1 Maple went on a trip to the Transport Museum. We were Ruby responsible when travelling on the tubes to the museum and walking along the road. We made sure we looked, listened and waited! At the museum we were Taibah tigers and tried lots of new things. We learnt about how transport has changed through time and we also had a go at being train drivers and bus drivers ourselves!


In maths we have been showing our school value of resilience. We have been learning about multiplication and division and have been learning lots of new things. We made equal groups and added these together. Then we made arrays using counters and after this drawing them.


We used our arrays to find our repeated addition sentences. We have sometimes found it tricky, but this has not stopped us and we have kept trying like Abby. 1 Maple has been making their adults very proud. 

Year 2

In year 2 we’ve shown amazing curiosity on our trips to the Tate Modern art gallery! We were excited to spot art works by artists we’ve learnt about in year 1 and year 2 - Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Henri Matisse.


We also had the opportunity to see a wide range of different styles of art - some were quite unusual and had us asking all sorts of curious questions!  We also enjoyed taking a moment to sit and create some observational sketches of sculptures we thought had interesting shape and texture.  We certainly think Noah in Maple class summed up our trip the best when he commented that ‘art galleries are playgrounds for our imagination’! 

Year 3

Year 3 had the exciting opportunity to attend the Barnes Literature Festival at Genesis Cinema. We listened to an author called Zanib Mian, who wrote the ‘Planet Omar’ books, speak about her inspiration for her writing, and she also answered some of our questions.

It was inspirational to see an author from a background similar to many of us in school becoming so successful!


We also went on another amazing trip to the Horniman Museum. We visited the aquarium, saw lots of different taxidermy animals and fossils, and took part in a super interesting workshop about Ancient Egypt!

We looked at real artefacts from Ancient Egypt related to their beliefs about the afterlife.


In 3 Pine, this week we went on a trip to Kew Gardens.

We visited an enormous greenhouse. Did you know that this greenhouse is one of the greatest greenhouses in the world? At first we were shocked by how warm the temperature was inside the greenhouse.

Using our curiosity, we discovered that this was because many plants were from Africa and Asia, and are therefore used to warmer climates. We especially liked the mango tree.


We then got to play in a huge playground which had a magnificent climbing frame, a sand pit and lots of great slides. Zishan says, "This is the best trip I've ever been on!".  At the end of the day, we enjoyed some ice lollies under the bright sun!

Year 4

4 Maple has shown incredible resiliency. They have been encouraging each other to practice learning all the year 4 spellings in preparation of our school Spelling Bee competition.

I am delighted to announce Rameesha as our year 3 -4  spelling champion. It was a tough competition with some very tricky words, however Rameesha showed true resilience in being able to spell all words she was presented with - well done Rameesha!


Well done to all the contestants who took part in the final - and our wonderful winners!!

4 Pine have been incredibly ambitious and responsible with their work in Art. We have been creating self portraits with a focus on drawing realistic features. Shape, position and tone have been at the forefront of our art projects. We used various tools to support us such as handheld mirrors, 6 different variations of pencils and ink. 

In addition, we also discussed how our self portraits will not be resembling each other as we all have different facial features. We included these individual features by carefully and repeatedly observing our features in the mirror, then drawing them onto our paper. Some of the features we drew included the flick of our eyelashes, thickness of eyebrows, patterns of freckles, shape of nostrils and the small creases on our mouths. After drawing, we used ink to fill in the background of our portraits so that our faces would be proudly highlighted at the forefront of our self portraits.


 It was fantastic to see 4 Pine’s ambition and responsibility over their self portraits this week. Great job! 

Year 5

This week in Maple class, we have been writing our own narrative texts linking to our reading book ‘Cosmic’ by Frank Cottrell-Boyce.We have been focusing on different dialogue structure and providing detail amongst the dialogue.

Cosmic : Cottrell Boyce, Frank, Lenton, Steven: Books

We have also been spending our afternoons learning about the Mayans, specifically the gory rituals they practised and their beliefs! It has been really fascinating learning about how communities in history have used resources to develop their way of life. For instance, did you know the Mayan created their own calendar using the stars to inform them when to plant certain crops and when to harvest! Genius!

Scientists Think They've Finally Figured Out How a Maya Calendar Works :  ScienceAlert

As part of ‘Careers Month’, we have also had the opportunity to listen to and ask questions about various different careers such as: engineer, Headteacher, police officer and fireman.  Next term, were really looking forward to visiting the city and learning about insurance and the various jobs you can do within insurance!


Nursery has been really interested in learning about the Coronation of King Charles III. We have been learning about what will  happen at the King's coronation and looking at what the carriage, crown and Sceptre look like.

We decided to have a street party to celebrate the King’s coronation. We all looked fantastic in our red, white, and blue with the hats we had made. We made sandwiches and decorated biscuits and enjoyed sharing them with all our friends. 


It was lots of fun having our own street party. We then all went marching in the playground and practising our royal waves!