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2 Willow Get Categorising!

In Year 2 we are Super Scientists

In our Science lessons, 2 Willow sorted materials into groups using our knowledge of materials and their properties. 

  Can you spot which materials we sorted?

We used our fantastic collaboration skills to work together. We listened to each other's ideas and communicated our reasoning for how we sorted the materials.


Metal is usually:  A: shiny     or     B: dull

Paper is usually:  A: flexible  or     B: rigid


We have also been investigating different animals. We looked carefully at the animals and their features and sorted pictures of them into birds, mammals, reptiles, invertebrates and amphibians.  We used our prior knowledge of the definitions to help us sort!  We used our research skills to find out about the animals we were not familiar with!

Do you think you know a definition for a mammal?


A mammal:

A:  Gives birth to live young      or       B:  Lays eggs

A:  Has feathers                            or        B: Has hair or fur