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1 Pine Go Exploring

Year 1 have been learning in the Woodlands and Around the School

To be Scientists, we went to the woodland to search for the perfect habitat for a fox.   A habitat is where an animal lives.

Foxes are scavengers.  They also like to hunt small animals like rats.  Foxes are nocturnal which means they sleep during the day and come out at night.  

They need shelter, security and access to water.  We looked carefully for these areas in the woodlands.

  Who lives down here? 


A habitat is:      A: What an animal eats?        or          B: Where an animal lives?

To develop our Maths, we went to search for shapes in our environment.  Our school has lots of shapes all around.  Maybe you can also spot them when you are walking around.  Some shapes are 2D and some shapes are 3D.  We also made shapes using play do.


Which shapes can you see in these pictures?


A square has:      A:  4 equal length sides?      or          B: 3 sides?

Maybe you can spot shapes at home or on your walk to school too.  Come and speak to 1 Pine and share the shapes you have seen!