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Christmas Fun in Year 2

Take a look at some of the activities we have been doing to prepare for Christmas!

Year 2 have been practising our cutting skills while making Christmas decorations for the classroom.   

We learnt how to cut a triangle out of a square - just cut it diagonally and it makes 2 triangles! Some of us had to fold it first to make sure we cut in a straight line. 


We were respecting each others right to be safe by making sure we held the scissors safely when moving around the classroom.


We had to really persevere, (this means not give up) when folding the paper for our pin wheel decorations. We learnt the new word- concertina. 


We got creative and made Christmas tree spirals! We used our artistic skills to cut spirals out of paper and decorated them to make them look festive! We preserved when we found cutting tricky and we were really proud of our trees!

   Here you can see how we carefully worked on our decorations.

In 2 Willow, we performed silly winter poems! We thought about what makes a good performance. We considered our tone of voice, emotion, repetition and rhyme and added fun actions to make the performances exciting to watch. We also remembered to be a respectful audience when watching our friends perform. 

All the children in Year 2 did fantastic performances to celebrate their hard work.   It was great to watch them!