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Fun Festivities in Year 1

Everyone in Year 1 has been having a great time preparing for Christmas as well as doing lots of other great learning!

We have been very busy getting ready for the Christmas Holidays.  To get us in the spirit we have been making Christmas decorations to decorate the class.

We mixed green using blue and yellow and then painting and decorating our Christmas tree.
We decorated frames we made by using 4 lolly sticks that we glued together.  We then stuck the frames on our photos to give to our parents as gifts.


Dee brought a Christmas tree to school. We needed to decorate it, so we made some candy canes by threading beads onto pipe cleaners and then bent them in the shape to hang on the tree.

We have also been making cards for mums, dads and other family members and friends.

In Maths we have been exploring teen numbers as well as single digit numbers. We used various resources like Numicon, cubes and Dienes blocks to support our understanding of place value. We worked  with a partner and took turns to first choose a number, then say how many tens and ones in that number and finally use Dienes to represent the number.

When we had finished, we chose books from the book corner and read quietly on the carpet while others finished their work.

Relaxed Readers!

We learned Science in the woodlands with magnifying glasses, identifying plants and minibeasts in our environment. This was very interesting, as we looked under logs and in trees. We used Scientific vocabulary like habitats, pond, micro-habitats, damp, light, warm, dry and wet when talking about the minibeasts.     


        What creatures do you think we could see?

We ended our week by making lots of fun Christmas decorations such as paper chains, snowflakes and Christmas trees, sticking green cut out triangles on to black paper. We learned about Christmas, who celebrates Christmas and why it is important to some people, and we explored the first Christmas story. 


Here you can see the wide range of activities we did.  We are getting really  good at using our fine-motor skills to cut and colour.