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Year 2 don't stop learning!!

Year 2 Team are Mega Impressed!!

From super writing, to thoughtful maths and great videos of reading, writing and 'how to' guides (see Asma's picture above!) year 2 teachers are proud of their children's work.

In 2 Pine, Christine really wanted to celebrate their writing this week.  The children have been creating new journeys for a story character. They had to use prepositions in their sentences, such as under, through, into and over. They are learning to use full stops and capital letters accurately.


     Look at Maprua's super sentences!                        Ehsan has presented his work so neatly!


Look at the way Ayana tries really hard with her work and then highlights the key spellings or phonics she is learning!  This is a great technique to help remember the words!

The work doesn't stop as we visit 2 Oak.  Fiona has been so happy to see how her class are trying their best at home and at school.  You can see some great examples below.  

Rumaysa knows that she can edit her work as she goes along.  it doesn't matter if she makes mistakes because she just puts a line through them, or adds in an extra word.  That's great writing Rumaysa.

Salahuddin has been working hard in class.  He always listens and tries his best as you can see from his maths work in his book!

Khalid has been trying carefully to draw shapes in his maths book to explore fractions. 

In 2 Maple, Riyana stood out to Beth as doing really thoughtful writing.  She has made sure she labelled her picture clearly too.    Sara took her time to investigate fractions and wrote a clear explanation of her work as well.  This shows her good understanding of what she has been doing.  Beth is suitably impressed!!


Tallula really enjoys looking at 2 Willow's maths and English journals.  She gets to see some super work.  See how Sajid has drawn his shapes and explained how he understands they are showing a third.  Humayra has been sharing some great writing.  She also knows that it's okay to make mistakes and carefully cross out her work to make things better.   She knows that making mistakes help her brain to grow!!









Thank you year 2 for continuing to work hard at home and at school.  We are so proud of all the work you do.

We can't wait to hear more about how you are keeping fit and healthy at home too.  Next newsletter we are going to celebrate all you are doing at home and outside to exercise, get fresh air and stay strong.

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