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Home Learning

For the last two weeks, Year 3 have been completing their digital learning at home.

They have become more confident at using their Chromebooks, completing collaborative work on Jamboard and have been more independent. All of the teachers are really proud of how great the children have been. 

We have enjoyed designing and creating our own headdresses, inspired by the ones worn by the Maya Civilisation in Mesoamerica. The bigger the feathers and the more colourful they were, the more important the person. 

We have also started reading our new book 'The Grotlyn'. The Grotlyn is a mysterious, unknown animal that sneaks through houses and steals things. We came up with ideas of what a Grotlyn might look like and created Wanted posters for him/her. When we finally finished reading the book, we were shocked to find out that the Grotlyn was actually a cute little monkey, wanting to escape. 

We are all looking forward to being back in school soon!