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Year 4 Digital Learning

Learning at home

In Year 4 Oak, due to the pandemic, we all have to learn at home. We do 3 Meets everyday. One at 9:30, another at 11:00 and one at 1:30 (on Fridays we do one at 3:00 for PSHE so we can have a discussion too). We have enjoyed so many things at home on our Chromebook such as reading on bug club, creating writing journals and maths lessons. Joe Wicks is what we do for P.E. He is really funny and entertaining. You get sweaty really quickly as he does things at a fast pace. 

Do your siblings make loud noises? Here is some advice if they do: go to a room and close the door, use headphones or tell them to be quiet politely. 

We are enjoying learning from home but we are also missing out lots of fun things like doing P.E outside, playing with our friends and having picnics. We all hope we can be back at school soon.

Here is a screenshot of my reading comprehension task which I am proud of. We had to pretend we were one of the characters in ‘Charlotte’s Web’ and write a diary entry. I hope you enjoy it!


Written by Thana Elahy(4 Oak)