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What's on for Parents and Families at Stepney Park

Family-School Collaboration | Student encouragement, School community, Kids  school

At Stepney Park we work with our parents because we know that this is the best way to achieve excellent outcomes for our children.

Parental engagement is supported by our fabulous Pastoral Care Team (PCT).

                     Khaleda                                   Shipa                                   Tom                                 Shapna


The PCT supports families and children.  They help find solutions to financial issues and support parenting, attendance, health and well-being. The PCT runs a variety of workshops and programmes for parents on supporting children's learning and parenting.  They also support with admissions. The PCT are available for Bengali translation.   They are welcome to suggestions and ideas for what you want us to provide.

Our dedicated Pastoral Care team have a wealth of experience and training and liaise with parents and offer support. The support may include:

●  Referral to parenting classes

●  Signposting to housing/benefit support

●  Signposting to a range of borough service   

Wider Support for Families

Family Support Worker - Shabana

 - Support with parenting needs and sign-post to community services.

Attendance Welfare Officer

 - Our AWO meets with the Wellbeing Lead regularly to investigate incidence of attendance and to support families who struggle to get their children to school for any reason. 


- We have a school based counsellor who supports pupils with specific issues, especially in regards to supporting mental health. There is an element of parental support with this and there may be individual or family sessions provided.

School Support

We have monthly Vulnerable Children meetings to discuss children and families.  Information from Vulnerable Children meetings is used by the PCT so that necessary areas for support can be identified.

This support might include:

- inviting individuals to workshops

- offering counselling services

- referrals to the school nurse

- inviting specialists in a specific social area to support the family or families via coffee mornings or through the Family Support Worker

We welcome families to approach the school to ask for support and we will deal with all families professionally, discreetly and warmly.

Below are the opportunities we offer at school

Walk n Talk Group

By popular demand, the Pastoral Care Team have organised a Walk and Talk Group for parents.  The aim of this is to develop relationships in the community, support people learning English, explore the local area and keep fit. This will run every Thursday at 9.15 (meet up outside Smithy Street gate).  The group will be led by Shipa.


                                                  At Victoria Park                                            At Tower Bridge

We are pleased to welcome you back to ESOL classes run by the IDEA store!

We have two classes for parents and carers. 

The first of these is an ESOL class, offering English teaching for speakers of other languages.

The second is an ICT and ESOL class - providing basic computing skills alongside English teaching.

The details are below: 


Day: Tuesday

Times: 9.30-11.30am   

VenueStepney Park Primary school

Tutor: Saad Benaissa


Day: Thursday

Times: 9.30-11.30am   

VenueStepney Park Primary school

Tutor: Rahnuma Noor

Parents Coffee Mornings: Every Monday, 9:15am - 10:30

Meet other parents, find out about events and support from Tower Hamlets and the school and share ideas with the PCT.

We will also have support for accessing Parent Pay during this session.

Enter via Smith Street entrance from 9:10am

Toddler Group: Every Tuesday, 2pm - 3:20

For families with children under 3.  Come along and play with your child using great resources and get ideas for play and songs from our team.  Meet other families and encourage your child to play with other young children.

Enter via Smithy Street entrance from 1:55pm



Ladies Exercise Class at Stepney Park School!

Every Wednesday 9:15am-10:00am

We are very excited to be able to offer a free exercise class for mums and female carers.  

This class will be led by Ameneh.  Ameneh is our school yoga teacher.

  • Meet at the Smithy Street side gate from 9:10am

Parent Workshops

We run a range of Parental workshops to help equip our parents so that they are able to support their children. These workshops cover a large range of topics and are responsive to the needs of our community. eg

  • Supporting your child online

  • Developing communication through play

All workshops aim to empower parents to better support the learning and wellbeing of their children.

Current Workshops
Year Group
Healthy Families - Come and explore heathy lifestyles with your child.  N and R 9th, 16th 23rd May 9:15.

Further workshops about our Curriculum will be added across the year.

Past workshops this year 
Past workshops
Nursery Curriculum, Tapestry and applying to schools Nursery Parents Thursday 6th October
ICT workshops Year 1 Parents

Monday 3rd October

Wednesday 5th October

Friday 7th October

Supporting Reading at Home Year 1 Parents Wednesday 28th September

Reading at Home Workshop and Tapestry 

Reception Wednesday 23rd November 

Reading at Home Workshop and Tapestry 

Nursery Thursday 24th November 
Year 5 Mersea Meeting Year 5 Wednesday 30th November

Reading at Home in Year 2

Year 2 Thursday 1st December

Year 3 and 4 - Using Accelerated Reader

Year 3 and 4 Thursday 8th December

Early Years Healthy Eating Workshop 

- run by the Family Support Team and Shabana 

Nursery and Reception  Tuesday 6th December

Education, Health and Wellbeing Workshop 

Nursery and Reception Tuesday 13th December
Year 1 Phonics Workshop - Understanding the phonics screener and supporting phonics development at home Year 1 Wednesday 11th January
School Nurse Drop Ins - Meet your school Nurse to discuss any health issues regarding your child/children All parents and carers Wednesday 25th January
Nursery Curriculum - Goals 1-4 - Getting to know our Nursery curriculum further, and how to support at home Nursery Wednesday 25th January
Education, Health and Wellbeing  Year 1 Tuesday 31st January
Nursery Curriculum - Goals 5-8 - Getting to know our Nursery curriculum further, and how to support at home Nursery  Wednesday 8th February
Year 5 Parent Sharing Assembly about residential  Y5 Wednesday 29th March
Year 1 Parents - Phonics Screener Information and supporting Phonics - (repeat of previous workshop)  Y1 Thursday 30th March
Y5 Parents Mersea Residential Meeting Y5 Wednesday 19th April
Y2 Parents SATs Workshop Y2 Thursday 20th April



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