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Reading at Home and at School

We love reading!

We know that reading helps children develop their imagination, creativity and critical thought.

 We provide lots of great books at Stepney Park in our well stocked class libraries.  Children are encouraged to change their books at least once a week or whenever they have finished their book.  Older children should be changing their books independently when they have finished their book. 

We would love children to be reading at home every day for at least 20 minutes either independently or with an adult.

In Base Milestone children are supported to change their books every week and take home books to develop their phonics and their love of reading.

In Milestone 1 (years 1 and 2), children should read at least 1 book on Bug Club, using their Chrome Book each week.  This reading is monitored by the teacher. They should also be reading real books.

In Milestones 2 and 3, children should do AR quizzes after finishing each book.  These are monitored by the teachers and the teachers can then see who to target for support or challenge.  Children can do quizzes at home on their Chrome Books, and at school.

AR = Accelerated Reader.  This is a programme which helps us to monitor reading engagement and supports the children to develop their comprehension (thinking) about a book. 

We know that reading at home helps improve children's outcomes by the end of Year 6 and their success in the future.  Take a look at the chart below. (it refers to 6th grade - equivalent to 11 years old)