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School Ready - Families Matter

Online Meeting to Prepare for Early Years - run by Tower Hamlets


The Parental Engagement Team ‘Platform to Talk’ sessions allow parents’ to come together, share experiences and receive information. Led by experienced practitioners from the Schools and Families Team. The virtual sessions cover a range of topical issues from health and well-being, family life, parenting, school and more.

Join the ‘School Ready ’session to find out how to prepare your  child for a successful transition into Nursery and Reception

This session will be facilitated by our team of Family Practitioners and teachers.  

Parents find out about:

  • the early year’s curriculum
  • how to get children prepared for school over the summer holidays
  • the importance of establishing routines
  • nurturing your child’s independence.

Join the session to ask any questions, gain some useful tips which can support your child to have a positive start on their school journey.

Platform to Talk:  School Ready (Early Years)

Monday 26th April at 10am

Be part of the discussion, share you views TH families supporting each other

Parental Engagement Team is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Meeting ID: 917 8178 2961

Passcode: iada75