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Building Strong Identities - 8th October@10am

We warmly encourage you to attend this Zoom discussion below.  It is run by the Parent and Family support service.  It will be a great way to hear about how to support your child to build their identity.

Friday 8th October at 10am

Friday 8th October at 10am
The Parental Engagement Team ‘Platform to Talk’ sessions allow parents’ to come together, share experiences and receive information. Led by experienced practitioners from the Schools and Families Team. The virtual sessions cover a range of topical issues from health and well-being, family life, parenting, school and more.

Our next PTT session will be about the importance of belonging to a culture and having a strong identity. This has a big impact on a child’s sense of self-worth and supports their development in a positive way.  We would love to hear your stories and thoughts on this fascinating topic.

Key points discussed

  • How do we define identity?
  • How do we define culture?
  • How having a strong sense of identity can help create the right environment for a child to thrive
  • Ideas on how to develop a child’s interest in different cultures and traditions

Platform to Talk:  Building Strong Identities

Friday 8th October at 10am

Parental Engagement Team is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Meeting ID: 870 2468 2524

Passcode: sHm92Q


These sessions are delivered by the Parent and Family Support Service