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Headteacher's News. 4th September 2023

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Dear parents and carers of Stepney Park Primary School.

Welcome to the school year 2023-2024!

Staff have already been back for two INSET days, and are ready to welcome the children back tomorrow from 8.50 am onwards, when all the playground gates will open once again.


Yr 1:

We ask that our Yr 1 children come to the Redman’s Road gate for the first few days, so that staff can easily direct them to their classes. Teachers will be waiting in the playground for them for the first few days, to help them find their way.  From next week, Yr 1 parents are welcome to choose any of the four gates that suit them best.



Nursery and Reception children will have taster/ settling in sessions over the next few days; parents will have received information about the timings of these at the end of last term.  If you are unsure of your times, please contact the office asap. On Tuesday, parents are expected to stay at the whole taster session.  

 Nursery children should be taken to the Smithy St car park entrance.  

Reception children should be taken to the Redmans Road double gate.  

Children will also be collected from these gates until the transition period is over.


Parent meetings

We would like to invite parents to a year group ‘ Meet The Teacher’ meeting during the next two weeks. This will be a great opportunity to find out what your child will be learning and what their routines and timetables will be like. It will also be a good opportunity to ask the teachers general questions. Parents can come into the school playground by the small Smithy Street entrance and wait there to be taken to the relevant hall, where the meeting will take place. All meetings will start just after 9.00 am and will last about 30 minutes

Details are as follows:

  • Monday Sep 11:         Yr 5

  • Tuesday Sep 12:        Yr 3

  • Wednesday Sep 13:   Yr 2

  • Thursday Sep 14:       Yr 1

  • Friday Sep 15 :           Yr 4

  • Monday Sep 18:         Yr 6

  • Tuesday Sept 19:       Reception


Hot weather

Summer has decided to make a return visit, and it is set to be very warm this week. Children will therefore not need a coat this week, and should wear purple logo T-shirts. Please remember to send their child in with a refillable water bottle and where possible a sun hat too.  Thank you.


Our communication promise to you

We will always try to do our best to make time to speak with you upon your request. If there is something you need the classteacher to know or if you would like to ask them something, there are several ways you could do this;

  • You could  give a message to the staff members who are at the gates in the morning or you could go to the admin office in Smithy Street in order to communicate this. Messages will then be passed on.

  • If you would like to speak to the teacher yourself, you could approach them at the end of the day, once all children in the class have been picked up, and ask to have a quick word with them. 

  • If the conversation needs to be a bit longer, you can ask the teacher to arrange a mutually suitable time to see you. 

  • You are also able to send our admin team an email, which will then be forwarded onto the teacher. The email is: Please state your name, your relationship to the child, your child’s name and your child’s class within this email. 

  • If you have a complaint or concern, we will ask the relevant Assistant Head, who is a member of the senior leadership team, to call you or to arrange a face to face meeting with you. 

  • If you have any worries about special needs, you can contact Nathalie Palacio, who is our SENDco ( special needs co-ordinator) 

Our aim is to respond to any concerns and complaints within the next working day and where possible sooner. 


Medical Needs

Please come and see us in the school office tomorrow, if your child has any new medical needs that we are not yet aware of. 

Please ensure that your child has up to date medication, including asthma pumps in school from the first day of their attendance.


I am looking forward to what is promising to be another enjoyable and exciting school year and hope to see you all tomorrow, when the school reopens. 


Kind regards.

Edith Philipsen

Headteacher- Stepney Park Primary School