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Headteacher's News 13.9.23

All the most recent news from Edith



Dear parents and carers of Stepney Park Primary School.


Meet the Teacher

We were very pleased to see that the turnout to the ‘Meet the Teacher’ meetings has been really high. However, we understand that it might have been hard for some parents to attend, due to other commitments. 

The Google Slides (which were presented to parents during the meetings), alongside a recorded commentary by the Year group Leads, will be shared on your child’s Google Classroom. If needed, please ask them to show you how to access their Google Classroom or alternatively, speak to the class teacher at the end of the day if you are struggling with this.


‘Pass it on’ 

‘Pass it on’ week was a great success last term. It was great for the environment and also provided economic support for parents in the current cost of living crisis. As promised, we will carry on with this initiative this year. Please donate any school uniform tops (with logo) you no longer need, so that we can clean and organise them. We will have another ‘Pass it on’ event later on this term.


School Uniform- please remember:

  • Children should wear a purple (not white) top with the school logo.

  • Tracksuit bottoms should not be worn in Yr 1 to Yr 6.

  • Leggings or tights can only be worn if they are under skirts or dresses. Trousers should not be worn under skirts or dresses.

  • PE clothes should be taken to school in a bag, children should not arrive in school wearing their PE clothes, even on PE days.


Holidays in term time

Please remember that family leave and holidays in term time are very rarely authorised and will almost always result in a penalty notice being issued by the local authority.

If you would like to request family leave or holiday in term time, you need to complete a request before booking your flights/ leave; you can ask for a copy of this in the school office. 

We know that costs go up in school holidays, and we understand that this may be a reason for parents to ask for leave in term time. However, unfortunately this is not something we can authorise. Visiting sick relatives abroad is also rarely authorised, unless there are truly exceptional circumstances. If it is agreed to, it will normally only be for a few days, and almost never when it is attached to a school holiday, unless it can be proven that there was a true emergency, with evidence of flight booking dates presented to us.

We follow the Tower Hamlets policy, which can be found here (click on: ‘other policies’/ ‘Attendance and Punctuality policy/ Appendix 3).


Settling in

We are extremely pleased with the way our children have settled back into school since their return. The morning and lunch time ‘soft starts’ have worked beautifully and children are able to find their way to class independently, responsibly and sensibly. 

Our EYFS children in Nursery and Reception are also doing really well, despite the fact that for some children this is their first experience of school. Thank you to all parents who have supported us with the settling in process.


Have a good week!


Kind regards.


Edith Philipsen

Headteacher- Stepney Park Primary School