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Headteacher's News 3.10.23

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Tuesday 3rd October


Dear parents and carers of Stepney Park Primary School.


School Uniform

It's great to see almost all children are now wearing the correct uniform. Thank you for helping us with this.


Reading Room

As you know, being a good reader is the key to academic success, and therefore (alongside great teaching of reading) we promote a positive ‘reading culture’ in our school.  We do this through choosing exciting class novels, having great class libraries, giving children access to books they ask for and love, asking adults and children to share their book recommendations and having books and reading displays across the whole school. Our latest addition to our promotion of reading is our new ‘Reading Room’.

We have two members of staff who are absolutely passionate about reading and children’s books  and who work in our reading room every lunchtime.


Our reading room has great fiction and non-fiction books which are suitable for readers at all levels; it provides a lovely and quiet space for children to read at lunch time, should they choose to do so. 


Access to the playground 

For safeguarding reasons, we would kindly like to remind all parents (including nursery parents) to not enter the playground without a member of staff escorting them, other than at the end of the day at pick up time. 

We have a gate which is designed to stop parents from entering the wider school grounds, but occasionally parents have managed to access the playground despite this. Thank you.


Measles, chickenpox and shingles

One of our pupils is receiving medical treatment which puts them at risk if they are exposed to measles, chicken pox or shingles. The best way to protect our pupil from measles is for all children at school to be immunised against measles.  Please would you discuss measles immunisation with your GP if your child has not already received it.  If your child is suspected of having measles, you should let us know immediately so that we can speak to the relevant family.

Our pupil is also at risk from chicken pox and would need to be given medication within 7 days of contact.  If your child is suspected of having chicken pox you should let us know immediately. It is also important that you let us know if there is a family member in your household who has shingles. The health and well-being of our pupil who is at risk depends on the cooperation of all other parents and we hope you can help us

Child care

Although we do not offer daily after school child care here at Stepney Park, we can signpost parents who need childcare to Cayley primary school. We will be able to organise for a staff member to walk the child/ children over to Cayley, and this will be free of charge. The Cayley childcare club costs £5.00 for one hour and £7.50 for two hours and finishes at 5.30 pm. Please let us know if you are interested in this service, so we can support you with this.

Have a good week!


Kind regards.


Edith Philipsen

Headteacher- Stepney Park Primary School