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Class News 2022-2023


Each newsletter, we will take a look at learning from across the school and how it is linked to our Learning Behaviours. 

We love to share our work with you and know how proud pupils feel when they can see how valued they are.

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  • Catch up with our Great Learning

    Published 16/03/23
    Lots of us have been Trying New Things this week!
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  • Trying New Things at School

    Published 28/02/23

    Exotic animals, exploring religious objects and making hummus! Lots of opportunities to try new things!

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  • Curious Children

    Published 27/02/23

    Children at Stepney Park are showing their curiosity in many different areas!

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  • Class News

    Published 25/01/23
    Focus and Ambition Across the School
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  • A Fantastic New Year

    Published 11/01/23

    Enjoy reading about the fantastic learning at Stepney Park!

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  • There's a festive flavour to our December news

    Published 07/12/22

    A wealth of opportunities at Stepney Park 

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  • Challenge and collaboration

    Published 24/11/22

    Take a look at the fantastic learning we have been doing! 

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  • Great Learning

    Published 10/11/22

    We are having an expressive and creative Autumn!

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  • Super Learning

    Published 13/10/22

    Take a look at the fantastic learning this term!

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  • Great Learning Behaviours

    Published 29/09/22

    The teachers are proud to celebrate their children's great work.

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  • September at Stepney Park

    Published 16/09/22

    We are pleased to share some fantastic learning from across the school.

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