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Adventures and creativity abound!

Take a look at how we are keeping motivated and warm this soggy November. 

Year 6

6 Pine have been showing curiosity in the Art Studio. They were challenged to answer the following questions…

  • How can you represent a continent using clay?

  • Using clay, can you represent physical features, such as a forest or a mountain range?

  • How will clay react with water?

  • How can you make your model unique?



Their finished products showed how well they observed the physical features on the maps.

Year 4

Year 4 Pine had an exciting trip to the London Zoo as part of the science curriculum, specifically observing animals and their habitats.

In class the children were learning about vertebrates and how they are grouped into five main categories based on their characteristics. The groups are mammals, birds, amphibians, fish and reptiles.

At the Zoo we identified most of the animals from the five categories.  Which category do you think penguins are in?


We found lemurs, giraffes and zebras. We thoroughly enjoyed drawing them in our very own small pocket book which we loved. We continued looking at ostriches, Indian tigers, camels and gorillas. Sadly the gorillas were taking their afternoon nap so we were ever so quiet around them as we didn’t want to disrespect and disturb them.

Year 5

Throughout the week, year 5 went on their residential trip to Gillwell park. The children had lots of fun doing different outdoor activities. First, the children conquered their fear of heights when crate stacking. Some of our children climbed eleven crates! Second, the children tried their hands at some backwood cooking. They used campfires to make chocolate bananas, cheese pizzas and s’mores. It was fair to say the s’mores were our favourite thing to cook and eat. Third, the children tested their agility in the gauntlet, climbing a rope ladder, hanging tyre and a suspended wooden platform.


For some of the children, it will have been their first time away from home overnight. We are proud of the maturity that the children are beginning to show and we have definitely made many lasting memories and had lots of fun. The year 5 children cannot wait for their next residential in year 6, when they go to Mersea.

Super Spanish

Paola has been so proud of the children this week as they become more proficient in their Spanish speaking and writing.  Look at the way in which they are applying their knowledge of shapes and colours. Even though Spanish can be quite tricky, we are trying our best.  We are super writers across the whole curriculum!




Akif says: "In year 5 we have been continuing Spanish and we have learned a lot of new things.  We have been learning shapes and colours. Also, we do some revision before we do our main work so we do not forget the Spanish we did in the past.  In addition, we sometimes have to greet our partner in Spanish which is really fun. My favourite part we did in Spanish this year was writing sentences about the shape and the colour."


Since the we came back from half term, Nursery have been busy learning about the different colours in the rainbow in our theme: I can sing a rainbow

We have been using cotton buds to paint rainbows.  Carefully applying the colour within the lines.


Mixing different colours together to make new colours “I made purple!” 

Weaving colourful ribbons onto the fence.  Strengthen our fingers and our hand-eye coordination.

Threading pasta to make rainbow necklaces: helping us concentrate as well as develop our fine motor skills


On a wet and windy afternoon, the sun made an appearance. This was the perfect combination of weather for rainbows! All the children were excited to see a rainbow and started to sing “I can sing a rainbow"