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Year 6

Year 6 Pine have been in the Art Studio. They have been learning about self portraiture and how to create them using acrylic and watercolour paints. As a background, they had to make a thin, acrylic wash covering the whole surface. Later they will add details using thicker layers of acrylic paint. The portrait is made of a light toned watercolour wash for the skin’s surface and the features and all their details are drawn on top using pencils of varying tones. The children have looked at self portraits by Rembrandt and Joy Gregory for inspiration and the understanding that self portraits have been created throughout history and that there are similarities and differences between them all.



Year 5

This half term, the children in year 5 have completed their history unit about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. They have learnt about the many kings of the era and how they ruled. They also evaluated the reigns of certain kings and discussed their impact on Britain’s rule. One child said, “Ethelred the Unready was an unsuccessful ruler because he first tried to pay the Vikings not to attack and when that failed he wanted to kill all the Danish people in Britain.” Another child said, “The Viking King Cnut was successful as he was the King of Denmark, Norway, parts of Sweden and Britain. He also had a large army.”

At the end of this unit, they were tasked to create a timeline from the beginning of the Vikings’ raid of Britain to the Battle of Hastings in 1066 CE. The teachers were really impressed with the timelines created, as they were full of detailed facts regarding different kings of Britain. One student said, “Timelines are used to order dates into chronological order. They show people when different historical events happened, which is important because a lot of the events we learnt about were very close together.”

Year 4

In science, Year 4 Pine have been learning about electricity.  As many household devices and appliances run on electricity, some are plugged into the mains while others run on batteries.   The children sorted the home appliances into battery or mains powered. Also, the children have carried out a fair test to investigate the effect of changing the arrangement of the components of a circuit.

Furthermore, in their group, they have been making circuits where they have added bulbs, buzzers and switches. The children made circuits and found out that electricity would only travel around a circuit that is complete. A switch can be used to create a gap and this can be used to switch the power on and off. If there is a break in the circuit, a loose connection or a short circuit, the component will not work.


 This week in Nursery, we have been reading Whatever Next and learning about flying to the moon.

We have been using cotton buds to paint rocketships

“I used blue paint”

We also pretended to be baby bear from our story and flew the cardboard box rocket to the moon.


Some of us even copied baby bear and wore a colander as we pretended it was a space helmet.


We explored a dark space using torches and retold the story with our friends. Zaynab said “The rocket went to the moon”.