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Exploring at Stepney Park

Read about all our brilliant experiences this term.

Year 5

5 Oak are really enjoying reading the non - fiction book ‘Survivors’ by David Long and Kerry Hyndman. This book contains stories of real life events where people managed to survive against all the odds! Here are some of our favourites!



Year 2

Recently in Year 2, we enjoyed an exciting trip to the Soanes Centre, which linked to our Science topic on materials. We investigated different materials and collaborated in groups to sort them based on their properties. Then we had the opportunity to explore a historical cemetery to find firewood so that our host could show us how to build a bonfire. We were so responsible as we watched by making sure we turned away if the smoke blew towards us!

We’ve also recently started to learn about multiplication in our maths lessons. Have a look at Lani’s bookwork to see how we have started to use arrays to represent our multiplications.

Also below have a look at Ayub’s writing book to see the amazing similes he has written.


Year 4

In Year 4 we read the book The Flying books of Mr Morris Lessmore. We then had to write our own version of the story.  We had to ensure we included all the different sentence starters we have learnt. Our stories were fantastic!!!


In maths we are learning about perimeter. We used cubes today to help us understand the perimeter of unusual shapes. We need to remember to count all the sides when finding the perimeter.


We went on a trip today to the British Library. We learnt that the British Library has over 170 Million artefacts, books, newspapers and maps in their collection.   We then attended a workshop that showed us various maps from all over the world. Did you know that The British Library has the second largest collection of maps in the world?

We had a look at what different angles objects can be drawn on a map. We then had a go at drawing our own points of view when looking at objects. We looked at our objects from a ‘birds point of view’, and a ‘satellite point of view’.

Year 6

In science in Year 6, as part of our learning about Light, we have been investigating shadows. In our first lesson, we experimented with making shadow puppets and we found that the closer our hands were to the light source, the bigger the shadow was.

Making Shadow Puppets | STEM Activity

In our second science lesson, we investigated the relationship between distance from the light source and the size of the shadow. You can see how our experiment was set up below:

The shadow that the matchstick made became smaller as the light source was taken further away from the lollipop stick.

Year 3

In 3 Oak, we have recently been on a trip to the Natural History Museum.  We got to act as palaeontologists by using brushes to excavate a dinosaur fossil. 

We also had to measure the size of the skull and look at other features to figure out which dinosaur it might have been.  Also, while we were at the museum, we looked at the marine reptile fossils because we have been learning about the life of Mary Anning.  We looked, drew and read about the different fossils in the museum and also managed to see one of the fossils excavated by Mary Anning herself - the ichthyosaurus found in Lyme Regis, Dorset!

As well as having fun learning outside of school, we have also been practising basketball skills in our PE lessons.  We have been improving our ball control and learning how to bounce a ball and move effectively at the same time.  In the photograph, you can see us playing a warm up game called ‘dragon tails!’  Most of the children have a ‘tail’ that the catchers need to collect.  The aim of the game is to still have your tail at the end or have the highest number of tails if you are a catcher. 

I think the children in 3 Oak really enjoyed playing this!

Year 1

In English we have been reading “In the Attic”. We have enjoyed discovering all the amazing things the boy found in the attic. We retold the story ourselves, using time connectives (first next, then) and past tense verbs (looked, opened, saw). We were ambitious like Abby with our writing, making sure we thought the sentence, said the sentence and wrote it. 


For science we have been looking at seasons. We were curious like Corey about whether the days are longer or shorter in Winter, so we have been creating a table each week to find out. We also compared the seasons and thought about what we wear in winter and what we wear in summer. We collaborated with our partners to discuss the differences. 



The children were incredibly curious when the animals came to visit this week.  We waited patiently for our turn to stroke the animals.  We met a meerkat and a lizard!  It was so interesting to find out about the different animals.


We have also been exploring shapes and symmetry - making amazing painted butterflies.  

The reception children have been exploring their local area.  We are thinking about what different homes look like and how they are built.  We are starting to know that some of us live in flats and some of us live in houses.  We can also see shapes and patterns in the buildings around us.