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Fun and Focus in February

The term has got off to a great start!

Forest and Meadow

The children in Forest and Meadow classes showed great curiosity just like Corey the chimpanzee at the animal experience recently.  They were all very excited to meet these amazing creatures! Everyone looked closely and bravely touched different animals.  It was a lot of fun. A wonderful experience! 



Year 4

In Year 4 we have been reading 'This Morning I Met A Whale' by Michael Morpurgo. Through this story, we learnt about plastic pollution and how it affects the planet. We also researched the impacts of plastic on sea turtles. After reading the story, we wanted to do something about solving the issue. With that in mind, we poured our passions and frustrations into a letter to our local MP, Rushnara Ali.

We even suggested some ways that the government can help solve this issue by reducing plastic use. Some of us even got to go and post the letters through a post box!



Before Half term, Reception Willow learnt all about Shrove Tuesday. We found out that it is celebrated by Christians and that it is also called pancake day! ‘Christians make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday to use up their milk, flour and eggs’ said Adeen.


We read some stories about it and then got to go and make pancakes! Reception Willow followed the recipe and then got Jessie and Hena to fry them. They were delicious! Liyaanah said that they were ‘Sweet’ and Hamzah said that they tasted ‘Really nice’. 

Year 2

Since the beginning of 2024, 2 Willow has made great efforts on learning to be more empathetic to build their collaborative skills. We know that to be able to work together, we need to carefully listen to one another to make sure we understand their ideas.

We try to listen carefully and make sure we cheer each other on and share each other’s ideas with the whole class, not just our own.


Listening to our classmate’s ideas has shown us great results in exploring materials further during our trip to the Soanes Centre, making fascinating art, organising different food groups of a meal and working out the order of years in our history timeline retrieval. 


None of our learning would have felt so fruitful without the joined feeling of success in our collaborative work. It has also helped us to stay calm and safe, even around an open fire!

Year 5

5 Willow recently had a very exciting trip to the Bank of England Museum. We learnt all about how money is made, how it has changed over the years, and even got to touch a real gold bar that was worth over £630,000! This trip was organised by the company that runs our ‘Abacus’ sessions. We have had volunteers that work in the insurance industry come into our class to teach us about money, debit cards, credit cards, saving and bartering. We’re super excited to continue these sessions!


We have also started going to Art lessons in the studio again, which we always really enjoy. This term, we are making pottery inspired by biomes of the world. We followed three steps to make our pot and lid - 1) form, 2) surface and 3) detail. Have a look at our works in progress!

Year 3

This week in 3 Willow, the children have been very excited to try something new when they went swimming! It was wonderful to see how so many children responsibly packed their swimming kits and towels, especially because for many this was the first time entering a swimming pool.

Well done for swimming with such an enthusiastic energy and having a marvellous attitude to trying something new! As the year progresses I am sure 3 Willow will demonstrate even more enthusiasm and confidence when swimming. Keep it up!

Year 1

In 1 Willow we were thrilled to meet some animals from a nearby safari park. When we were shown the animals we could touch and hold them if we wanted. If we didn't, we just closely observed their beautiful markings.


We all touched and held the animals extremely carefully.  We were extremely curious but responsible around the animals so that we didn’t scare or hurt them.

Year 6

6 Willow had a very interesting visit to the Ragged School Museum, which recently reopened. After a tour of the museum, we experienced a Victorian lesson; it was very different to Stepney Park School! We also looked at some of the artifacts poor Eastenders used in their daily lives during Victorian times.

We recently completed our art project, making self portraits. Here we are painting the backgrounds before attaching the portraits to the canvas. We were very pleased with the results.


In Science, we have been investigating light and shadows. In these pictures we were investigating how shadows change as the light source gets closer to the object making the shadow.



At Stepney Park, we will be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 7th March. Though all children at Stepney Park read great books in school every day, and many choose to take advantage of our reading room to read at lunchtime too, we believe it is important to celebrate the joy of reading alongside the rest of the world on World Book Day.

As part of World Book Day, children will be discussing what they love to read, recommending their favourite books and spending time in their super squads. These are mixed groups of ten children from across Y1-6: our younger children will enjoy a particularly exciting story time while our older children will have the opportunity to lead their group by reading to them.

World Book Day will also be a non-uniform day: children can come to school dressed as their favourite book character. You don’t need to do anything too fancy: just use paper, pens and card to make a simple mask or ears, or use face paints and make up - there are a few ideas below, and you can also ask your teacher for ideas too.

Children will also get their £1 World Book Day voucher on the day.

We can’t wait for the reading fun to start!