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Learning in, and around London

Read our great newsletter to discover where and how we have been learning this March.

Year 6

Last Friday, Stepney Park hosted a year 6 maths competition for four other schools. One child was chosen from each class to participate in the competition where we head to head against the other teams. We worked together to solve 10 (very hard) maths questions! This required collaboration, listening skills and respecting each other's ideas. Even though we tried so hard, we missed out on two points.

This didn’t matter though as we still came second, and there’s always next time! Well done to all our competitors!

This week we also went on an exciting trip to the Saatchi Gallery in Sloane Square.

We travelled via underground and had a tour of the gallery. We then took part in a workshop where we got to produce our own piece of art. 

Year 1

1 Maple have been combining their computing and maths skills together this week. Using a range of objects and shapes, they have been learning how to display data on their chromebooks. They have been counting the different shapes and then inputting the information on Purple Mash; so far they have made pictograms and bar charts. Their collaboration skills have been fantastic as they work together on the tasks set. 


It's been excellent to see how far the children have come in their computer fluency, we can tell how much practice they have been getting at home! So keep up the good work 1 Maple!


As part of our Busy City theme this week the children got to go on a bus today. They showed very good listening skills and paid attention to what was going on around them. We spoke about what we could see and hear and the children named a range of different vehicles they saw on the road.


We have been reading Maisy goes to London and learning about all the different landmarks in London.  We are becoming more aware of where we live and the names of different places.

You can watch a story version here.  Where can you go in London with your family?

Year 4

In Year 4, we have been learning about the structures of bridges. We looked at many different structure types, specifically the ‘Truss’ bridge. A Truss is a frame built with triangles. Triangles are used in the frame of the bridge because they make very rigid structures.  In small groups we designed our own Truss bridge for trains and cars to travel across.


After making our bridges using wooden dowels, lolly sticks and glue guns we then tested their rigidity by applying weight to the bridge. Many of the structures stayed intact, however some broke under the increasing weight put on them.

Here we are, testing the strength of our bridges.

We discovered that inorder to make our bridges stronger we could use special joins called ‘jinx corners’ to strengthen the triangular joins and struts, which are rods to further strengthen the frame.

"The glueing with the glue gun was really hard, because I didn’t know how much to put on..” Usayd

"I found putting the structure together really hard as the frame kept falling down..” Mahdin

"I found it easy joining the lolly sticks to the frame because the glue gun was easy to use…” Zayn

"I really enjoyed using the saw to cut the dowel because it was fun…” Safiyyah

Year 5

This week in Maple class, we have been taking part in a Spelling Bee competition in our class and will be going against other classes in the next couple of weeks! We have been writing explanation texts detailing the volcanic eruption of St. Vincent and learning about how communities and the environment have been affected by natural disasters.

It has raised some very interesting ‘What if…’questions and has made us evaluate whether we think it would be a good idea to live in this region.

We have also been reading ‘The Boy in the Tower’ by Polly Ho-Yen, which has been one of our favourite books so far as we can relate to it after experiencing a lockdown ourselves and learning about plants in Science! We as a class would recommend this book.

Year 2

In year 2 we have been enjoying putting on our wellies and coats and exploring our woodlands! We’ve shown great curiosity by  looking for signs that the seasons are changing and spring is finally arriving. We searched for newly blooming flowers (being careful not to pick them so we don’t disturb the natural habitat) and enjoyed collecting blossom petals from the ground to make some beautiful spring artwork.

We’ve also been using our maths skills in the woodlands, to order lengths of sticks from shortest to longest, all of which helps us in our current learning around measuring height and length.

We have also shown great ambition in our recent letter writing! We’ve been reading ‘The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs’ and written letters in character as the wolf, persuading the judge to not send us to jail! We’ve really enjoyed writing our letters and hope you enjoy reading them too!

Brilliant writing by Zafreen, Amelia & Kawtar

Year 3

For DT week, Year 3’s are looking at different types of dips. We spent the first lesson tasting hummus, salsa, guacamole and sour cream & chives. For lesson 2, we made our way to the cooking room. Here, we looked at the different ingredients and ways to make a guacamole. The children then had a go in groups making their own guacamole dip.

We used avocado, garlic, lemon and salt. The children were given the ingredients and were asked to independently follow the instructions to create their own. Once it was complete, we had a taste and reflected on what went well and what could be improved. We found that some of the dips had too much lemon, or some had too much garlic. 

Upon reflection, we identified that it’s important to taste as we go along so we can correct and alter any ingredients that may taste too strong. It is also important to remember that we could also add more avocado to balance out any strong tastes.