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Spring Learning

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Year 6

Year 6 Pine have been in the Art Studio showing lots of Curiosity in Art. They have been learning about self portraiture and how to create them using acrylic and watercolour paints. As a background, they had to make a thin, acrylic wash covering the whole surface.  Later they will add details using thicker layers of acrylic paint.


                                           Rembrandt                                                       Joy Gregory

The portrait is made of a light toned watercolour wash for the skin’s surface and the features and all their details are drawn on top using pencils of varying tones. The children have looked at self portraits by Rembrandt and Joy Gregory for inspiration and the understanding that self portraits have been created throughout history and that there are similarities and differences between them all. 


Year 4

In Year 4 as part of our DT we have been learning about frame structures. First we looked at features of frame structures and then we thought about what process designers would have to go through before building the bridge. We tested out different frame structures and established that a triangular structure was more rigid whereas the square structure was less rigid.

Great writing from Ibbrahim Ali!

We looked at the truss bridge and its features.

A History of Truss Bridge Designs | Modern Truss Bridges - U.S. Bridge A Truss Bridge

We found out that to make the truss bridge stronger we needed to add a strut and joining plate which resisted compression.


Finally we made our truss bridge as a group and evaluated our designing, planning and making process. 

Forest and Meadow

We too, have been learning all about bridges as we read the story "Maisy Goes to London". 

There are so many bridges in London which go over the River Thames. 


We have also been developing our counting skills in a variety of creative ways.


You can see how our creativity and concentration is improving as we do great painting in Bucket Time.



For half of this term we have been learning about How Things move. We have been learning about different vehicles and recreating the different sounds they make. We even took a trip from Whitechapel station to Stepney Green. 

We learnt about being safe on the train platform and remembering to say back from the yellow line. 


We each had our own tickets and were able to tap through the gates using our tickets!

When we got on the train we remembered to safely sit down on the seats and hold onto the pole. Ibrahim said “The train is going really fast”. Uthmaan said “The train is going in the tunnel, it’s dark”. 


When we got to Stepney Green, Saifan spotted the sign was “a big, red circle”.

Year 5

In year 5, we have been building our knowledge about forces in science. The children have learnt that forces cause objects to start moving, stop moving, speed up, slow down or change direction.

We have also been learning about Galileo Galilei, a scientist who made groundbreaking discoveries which teach us about the effects of gravity on objects as well as air resistance.

We have learnt that Galileo dropped different weighted balls from the Tower of Pisa and proved that objects of different mass would fall at the same rate, if their shape is the same.


We have also replicated one of Galileo’s last discoveries, the pendulum clock. The children used string and clay to replicate a pendulum and had the task of matching the pace of the swings to music. The children learnt that there are many factors which need to be considered in order to get a consistent pace, such as: weight of the clay ball, length of the string, how wide the pendulum arch is, and how long it swung for. This is a lesson to show how important it is to control variables in a scientific investigation.