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Class News

Focus and fun this term

Year 6

6 Willow continue to show much resilience in their preparation for this year’s SATS tests. The children recently completed ‘mock’ week when they completed last year's SATS papers. This week, they are doing the last bit of preparation before they do the 2024 tests next week. We wish them well and are proud of all their efforts.

Last month, 6 Willow visited the Saatchi Gallery to learn about the work of the photographer Edward Burtynsky. He takes beautiful photos of landscapes (often polluted landscapes) around the world and edits them to make stunning images.. Everyone loved his pictures and many children made thoughtful comments as the tour guide  showed us around the gallery and introduced us to his work. 


After the tour, the children had an art workshop where they used some of the ideas they had seen in the exhibition to create their own artwork.

Year 4

In Year 4, we have been learning about fractions in Maths. We have been looking at different representations of fractions. One way was by drawing bar models. Take a look at some of our work. This helped us to write fractions as improper fractions and mixed numbers. We have even been comparing lots of fractions too, we even noticed that knowing your times tables was very useful for this.



                            Aleena's work                                                                      Sajid's Work

"No matter how hard I found it at the start, now I LOVE fractions!" said Masud.

Year 2

In 2 Willow children have been very curious about their learning. 

We have had a go at finding out that some tall containers actually have a very small capacity. We carefully collaborated as we moved volumes of water between different capacities.


Our curiosity has produced a pile of Well done cards as we wrote some fabulous innovative stories about Claude and Sir Bobblysock, or should we say Sir Comfysock. In some stories Claude saved the day by bumping into the robber and catching the golden cupcake. In other stories, Claude’s boxes of dresses went flying in the air with bags of money that the robber had stolen. At the end of our unit we were able to use our own experiences of school trips to innovate another story about Claude’s adventures in London. One thing was identical in most of the stories though, pigeons. There are pigeons everywhere!


                                        Yacub 's writing                                                               Amelia's writing

Zarir's writing

Year 1

1 Willow went on a trip to the Postal Museum at Mount Pleasant. We were curious to find out how we communicate with each other has changed over the years.


We got to explore a range of ways we communicated in the past.


We tried new things learning about the use of telephones and about how letters and parcels were moved around London by going on a small underground train! We also collaborated by helping each other sort letters in a train carriage that had a moving floor!!


This week in Reception we have been reading the story Oliver’s Fruit Salad. We decided to make our own fruit salad just like Oliver! We washed the fruit, carefully cut it up, put it into a bowl and then ate it. We were really careful when using the knives and tried lots of new types of fruit just like Taibah the Tiger! Laila said that the strawberries tasted ‘Sweet’. We then used our phonics to write some amazing instructions for how to make fruit salad.  




By Khadija                                                                        By Aisha

Year 3

In 3 Willow, we have been working hard writing biographies of Harriet Tubman. We learnt all about her fascinating life as a slave and how she courageously escaped her master’s home one night and began an inspirational life of freeing slaves in South America thereafter. We ensured to include these amazing facts about her life in our biographies, and made our writing even more interesting by using features such as ‘ing ly’ fronted adverbials, conjunctions and lists of 3 in our work!

Read some of our biographies below!





Forest and Meadow

The children in Forest and Meadow have been focusing on the book A Seed Grows which looks at the life cycle of a sunflower.

All the children enjoyed planting their own sunflower seeds and watching them grow. 


We observed and planted carefully.


Year 5

We have been learning about Humanism during our RE lessons, and we had the amazing opportunity to speak to a Humanist! Philip visited our school to teach us more about Humanism, what their beliefs are and how Humanists live their lives. According to Philip, Humanists believe in the natural world, rather than the supernatural, and rely on science to explain the laws and order of the universe. They also believe that humans have a duty to be kind to others and treat everyone how they would like to be treated. It was very interesting to hear his perspective on life, death, the afterlife, ethics and science!

In our English lessons, we have been learning how to use modal verbs and modal adverbs in our writing. Our writing was based on a book called The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane which tells the story of a rabbit doll which is separated from its owner, who then goes on a journey to learn how to love.