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A great half term!

Amazing experiences at Stepney Park

Year 3

For English, the children in Year 3 have been looking at using adjectives to describe characters and settings. We have also been looking at dialogue in stories, understanding how characters interact with each other and how to tell a story through dialogue.

We have been reading the story “The Tunnel”.

It is about two siblings (a brother and sister) who are constantly arguing and fighting. They just can’t seem to get along. Their mother and father grow tired of their bickering and send them out for a few hours. 






The children narrated this part of the story and continued to add their own dialogue to intensify the story. 


You can see how we have carefully used speech marks in our writing.




Year 1

Our aquatic adventure to Sea Life aquarium has been a highlight of our time in Year 1!


We were looking at a range of living creatures as part of our learning in Science. We have been identifying features of animals and making observational drawings of them. It was so helpful for us to see the animals up close - even if the sharks were a little scary…

We explored so many different types of habitats and found out so much new information about where and how they live. We saw jellyfish, sharks, turtles and so much more!

We left with so many questions, our curiosity was at an all time high!

 Year 4

This term we have been very curious about sound. We have conducted experiments to investigate what causes sound to travel. Through our discussions we have learnt about the different mediums that sound travels through such as solids, liquids and gasses.

One of our most recent experiments was to discover if distance affects the volume of sound. In order to investigate this, we made some telephones using paper cups and string! We made 3 cup telephones all with 3 different lengths of strings to find out if distance really did affect the sound. 


To conclude, we now know, that the greater the distance the sound has to travel, the softer the sound will be. 

"The greater the distance the quieter the sound, the smaller the distance the louder the sound.”  said Akira

"First the vibration starts off strong but towards the end it becomes smaller.  If it’s a longer distance the volume will be quieter.” explained Usayd
            Adnan’s investigation write up                                                Hanifa's investigation write up


We have been looking at the lifecycle of a caterpillar and thinking about the changes it goes through at different stages of its lifecycle. The children got to observe the caterpillars grow over the last two weeks from small caterpillars to long fat caterpillars. They made predictions about what might happen after each stage of the lifecycle. 

The children used the magnifying glass to take a closer look at its body and discussed some of its features using words such as spiky, furry, long and green. We thought about what we could see and how we could describe the caterpillar.  Some children even had a go at drawing some of their own lifecycle and labelled it with key vocabulary: egg, caterpillar, cocoon and butterfly. 

Year 5


This week in Maple class, we along with the rest of Year 5 travelled to the Barbican to experience an Orchestra using music to tell the story of Scheherazade. It is a story of a powerful Sultan that would get married then the women would disappear. But one of his wives was intelligent and used the power of storytelling to keep him guessing and buy her more time to escape! We were captivated by the music and learnt a song so that we could sing with the orchestra. It was a once in a lifetime experience!

Year 6

This has been a very busy term for Year 6 children as we had our SATs tests. As they were over last week, we continued our learning in science by going to the Science Museum. We spent an hour in the Wonderlab taking part in experiments, listening to talks and testing out cool investigations. 



After lunch, we wandered around the space section of the museum and had to find answers to various questions in a booklet. It was a great day despite the underground and museum being particularly busy. 

Yusuf in 6 Maple also deserves a special shout out as he showed such wonderful manners to a member of the public (he offered up his seat) during our trip that she contacted the school. We are so proud of him and this was a great reminder to use our manners wherever we go!