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Fabulous Fun at Stepney Park!

The fun never stops with our learning and experiences.

Year 6

Year 6 Pine visited the Science museum. It was an unmissable interactive experience that ignited our curiosity, fuelled our imagination, and inspired us to see the world around us in new and exciting ways.

We enjoyed live science shows and demonstrations, and we met our wonderful science Explainers who revealed the beauty of the science and maths that shape our everyday lives.


Year 5

Last Friday, 5 Pine and 5 Oak went on a trip to the Lloyds London HQ in central to conclude their abacus workshops. We used the district line to go to central London. There were many buildings that we noticed on the way, such as The Gherkin and The Walkie Talkie. The building had an elevator with a glass wall which meant we could see outside. The view of London was amazing!

The workshop was the last of a term’s worth of workshops from Abacus. People who worked for insurance companies came to our school to teach the year 5 children how to properly use money. The final session was conducted on the 11th floor of the Lloyds London building. The children were also taken on a tour and we also had lunch at the building.

"My favourite part of the trip was the elevator because it went up and down very fast” - Rayyan 5 Oak

"I enjoyed having lunch in the Lloyds building.” - Raya 5 Pine


Year 4

On Thursday 6th June 2024, almost all the Year 4 children had a 1-night sleepover at our school.

One of our aims was to enable our children to feel more confident and ready to attend residential ( overnight stays) in Years 5 and 6. The children had an amazing experience where they took part in a range of fun, extracurricular activities like rounders, nature art, disco, and computing using VR. This 1 night sleepover experience aim was to also build our children’s resilience (the ability to withstand or to recover quickly from difficult situations) which some of the children displayed throughout their stay. 



Here are some examples of what the children thought about the 1 night sleepover!

It was a good and comfortable experience which I will remember







We had lots of fun with the activities.







Using the VR headset was amazingly fun!




I will remember this experience for the rest of my life.





The best thing was singing my heart out in the disco.  I felt like I was in the 1980's!






When teachers put effort into things, it is worth the wait, trust me! I enjoyed the VR headset because it was interesting for me and also made me laugh and smile.







In Meadow our new book is called ‘Somebody swallowed Stanley.’ It is all about a plastic bag that ends up in the ocean. This week we have been looking closely at what animals live under the sea. We enjoyed immersing ourselves in the ocean and hearing what the animals sound like. We made magic jellyfish paintings using oil pastels and coloured water. We enjoyed watching how the water brushed over the paper.