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Personal Development

Wonderful work across the school!

Coming together as a school

We have had some fantastic opportunities to work with other children in different year groups this term.  We have made decorations together, sung together, and had assemblies together.  We can't wait to get to know more children across the school this year. 

Our nativity assembly had contributions from across the school!

Eco Ambassadors

Thank you to everyone for all your efforts to save and drop off plastic lids for the Ecology ambassadors recycled art project. We have been thinking about how we use each one for our project.  Please keep them coming, we need lots more!

   Ecology ambassadors - plastic lids collection!

Community Club

Minerva and her Community Club have made a fantastic impact on our playground this term. 

The Community Club has kicked off well in the first two terms! New ambassadors continued the hard work of last year’s club and have now finished with the project of livening up our school grounds with more colour. Excitedly, the children turned up for the job of improving our community so we can have colourful plant pots to look at for many years to come. We all collaborated and together showed great responsibility for the end result of our amazing project. Take a look at some photographic documentation of us working hard, rain or shine.

What a great result! Well done everyone!!!!