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Absence should be reported to the office by 9am by calling on 020 7884 5225.

You must leave a message on the school answer machine with:

  1.  your child's name;
  2. their class and teacher;
  3. the reason for absence.

Unacceptable Reasons for Absence

The school can authorise absence for legitimate reasons e.g. sickness, unavoidable medical appointments.

Parents should apply in advance for permission for leave for exceptional circumstances e.g. funerals and for extended leave.

The following are unacceptable reasons for absence:

  1. To translate
  2. To visit relatives
  3. To stay at home for a delivery or repair person
  4. To go shopping
  5. To go to the airport
  6. To look after siblings
  7. Parents being ill and unable to arrange alternative arrangements for bringing the pupil to school

Holidays and Extended Leave

The school acknowledges holidays and extended leave can have a detrimental effect on pupils learning and achievement. The Governors of Stepney Park Primary School have decided, in line with LBTH guidance, not to allow holidays or extended leave during term time.

All leave during term time may be subject to a fine.

Parents need to be aware that their children may be taken off roll and may not necessarily be offered a place upon their return.

For further information please see our Attendance and Punctuality policy on our policies page, under Curriculum and Administration Policies